Academic Senate

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The role of the Academic Senate is to provide counsel to the institute's president in implementing the following: innovation in curriculum, academic progress, and retention of students; academic standards for admission and graduation; budget, finance, and resource allocation; institutional development; organizational communication; professional rights and standards; and other related areas that affect the institution.

There are currently 40 elected faculty senators apportioned from among the academic schools including NYITCOM and its Arkansas site by formula, two at-large faculty senators (one representing each campus), and 20 voting administrative senators. The Vancouver campus is represented by two elected Senators and the Executive Director and Campus Dean. Additional senators include representatives from the library, counselling staff, NYITCOM, Student Government Association, and AAUP. Senate officers are elected to two-year terms.

Copies of the Academic Senate constitution are available from the Office of the President of the Academic Senate or the Office of the President, and from the Academic Senate.