Self-Study Design & Timeline

The New York Institute of Technology Self-Study Design identifies the intended outcomes of the self-study process and the themes of inquiry that will position New York Tech to achieve its strategic vision and mission. It also sets up a timeline for the overall process. The design will enable New York Tech to confirm its alignment with the seven MSCHE standards of accreditation, as well as the requirements of affiliation and verification of compliance with federal regulations.

New York Institute of Technology’s original strategic plan was envisioned as a living document with modifications expected when appropriate. The self-study provides the vehicle to integrate strategic planning with the assessment of its effectiveness. Each of the seven standards for accreditation will be assigned to a working group. A steering committee oversees the working groups. The reports submitted by the working groups, under the direction of the steering committee, will provide New York Tech with recommendations for institutional improvement. The self-study analysis and recommendations for improvement will help New York Tech position the institution for advancing its strategic plan.

Intended Outcomes for the 2019 Self-Study

Intended Outcomes for the 2019 Self-Study
  • To produce evidence of the degree to which New York Tech meets the criteria for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation standards and requirements for affiliation in the context of its mission;
  • To produce a self-study report that openly brings data, analysis, and discussion to the following four themes as they relate to New York Tech’s mission:
    1. Scope, Size, and Quality – We will ensure that what we do, we will do well, do sustainably, and with high quality.
    2. Organizational, Operational, and Physical Infrastructure – We will ensure that we are well-positioned to deliver on our promises.
    3. Assessment, Planning, and Resource Allocation – We will ensure that the decisions we make reflect our priorities.
    4. Climate, Culture, and Collaboration – We will strive to empower all members of our community to do their best work. We value trust, transparency, institutional pride, collaboration, and thoughtfulness.
  • To integrate the strategic planning and self-study processes, setting the stage for ongoing implementation and assessment of planning strategies and self-study recommendations;
  • To offer institution-level recommendations for improvement grounded in a clear vision for the institution, evidence-based analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and institution-wide engagement in identifying the steps needed to advance the mission of New York Tech.
  • To formalize and mobilize a framework for decision-making based on assessments of institutional effectiveness of programs, processes, and organizational functions relative to the vision and strategies established in the new strategic plan.

New York Tech Self-Study Timeline AY18-19

New York Tech Self-Study Design 2017

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