Middle States 2019 Self-Study

The Self-Study Process

Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) accreditation is reviewed and reaffirmed through the process of self-study. Over the course of approximately two and one-half years, the faculty, staff, students, and administration of the institution collectively reflect on and evaluate how the seven MSCHE Standards for Accreditation and Requirements for Affiliation are met. This is captured in a self-study report: a detailed narrative compiling information, evidence-informed analysis, strengths and achievements, and recommendations for continuous improvement. The self-study report is reviewed by a group of peer evaluators who make recommendations. Institutions also complete a document detailing their compliance with a number of accreditation-relevant federal regulations. All of this information is reviewed by the Middle States Commission in deciding the institution's accreditation status. 

Guidelines from the MSCHE outline the elements of a successful self-study. Key among these is a clear and manageable timetable; the commitment and support of top leadership; an effective steering committee; engaged, informed working groups; and ample opportunities for campus-wide engagement. Before beginning the self-study, institutions must prepare and submit a Self-Study Design.