First response in action


News Brief: NYITCOM Lends Its Expertise to FBI Emergency Simulation

July 30, 2018

Emergency medical training is critical in the education and preparation of federal agents, who may be called upon during times of crisis. With this in mind, from July 24 through July 26, NYITCOM’s Institute for Clinical Competence (ICC) hosted agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a three-day first response training and refresher course, which also included an active shooter response simulation.

NYITCOM faculty members, including Patricia Happel, D.O., Matthew Heller D.O., and Adena Leder, D.O., among others, lent their expertise to demonstrate response techniques for medical emergencies/situations such as chest pain, burns, pediatric trauma, blast injury, head injury, and child birth. 

After two days of training, agents were shown a video simulation of a post active shooter scenario, and were required to immediately treat the “injured” and eliminate the simulated threat. Taking place in Riland and on the NYITCOM quad, the simulation utilized high-fidelity mannequins and actors to play the injured.

The ICC provides simulated environments that allow future clinicians to experience settings similar to real-life clinical venues, including replications of modern healthcare facilities and patient homes. Equipped with virtual examination rooms, simulation labs, diagnostic equipment, osteopathic manipulation tables, and simulated patient scenarios, this immersive environment prepares students to become qualified, empathic, and competent healthcare professionals.