Three women walking holding a flag.


Celebrating New York Tech Women in STEM

March 10, 2021

March is Women’s History Month and New York Institute of Technology celebrates the achievements of our female faculty, alumni, and students who are doing amazing things in STEM-related fields.

From innovative research to improve the understanding of atherosclerosis and delivering a new treatment for heart disease to examining how data and the use of computational design strategies play a critical role in architectural design processes to students honored for their research studies and alumnae making great strides in their fields, these women are leading the way in science, engineering, architecture, and health professions.

Learn more about these impressive doers, makers, innovators, and healers.

There are many ways to participate in Women’s History Month, both on campus and off, including by joining our Women’s Technology Council (WTC), whose goal is to empower and inspire women within the New York Tech community and beyond. Learn how seven New York Tech students connect with seven WTC members in the newly established WTC mentoring program and watch the students interview their mentors on a variety of career and professional development topics. Visit New York Tech Library’s Anti-Oppression Lib Guide: Feminist resources, which provides general information and a starting point to learn about anti-oppression, inclusion, and privilege, as well as provide knowledge and resources to key social justice issues.

And don’t forget to visit the New York Tech events calendar to find more discussions and gatherings (events will be updated throughout the month—be sure to submit one of your own) or support other initiatives led by women around the world.