Educational and Diagnostic Research with Ultrasound (US)

Studies the use of ultrasound (US) as an instrument to assess spinal rotational preference.

Principal Investigator: Theodore Flaum, D.O.


Low Thyroid Function and Myocardial Infarction

Studies the role of cardiac tissue hypothyroidism in the development and progression of heart diseases. The goal is to test the efficacy of thyroid hormone supplementation in animal models of heart disease to set the stage for clinical trials in humans.

Primary investigator: A. Martin Gerdes, Ph.D.


OMM and Back Pain

Studies combined treatment of OMM and phototherapy in providing greater pain relief than either treatment alone or standard medical management for patients with chronic lower back pain.

Primary investigator: Patricia Kooyman, D.O.


Coordinated Actions by the Upper Limb

Studies the pattern of sensory processing, planning, and motor execution for coordinated actions of the upper limb. The goal is to determine the functional limits of fast corrective actions, i.e. reflexes, and the role of its neural generators in the spinal cord, brainstem, and cerebral cortex.

Primary investigator: Isaac Kurtzer, Ph.D.


Effect of OMM on Neurologic Disorders

Studies the efficacy of OMM and exercise therapy (Rock Steady Boxing) to treat a variety of neurologic disorders, with a particular interest in Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

Principal Investigator: Adena Leder, D.O.


Brain Pathogens in Parkinson's disease

Studies cause and consequences of acne bacteria (P. acnes) in brain cells of Parkinson's patients using post-mortem human brain tissue, cultured cells and animal models. The lab specializes in advanced protein and DNA analytical molecular as well as microscopic techniques including scanning electron microscopy.

Primary investigator: Joerg R. Leheste, Ph.D.


OMM and Parkinson’s Disease

Studies efficacy of OMM in the treatment of constipation in Parkinson’s disease and exploring its effect on the oral and gut microbial flora.

Primary investigator: To Shan Li, D.O.


Mitochondrial Quality Control and Heart Failure

Studies the role of mitochondrial quality control processes in increased susceptibility to heart failure in diabetic patients and patients using anti-cancer drugs and how caloric restriction protects against heart failure.

Primary investigator: Qiangrong Liang, Ph.D.


OMM and Athletic Performance, Movement Disorders, and Autonomic Function

Studies the effectiveness of OMM in the prevention of athletic injuries, in the treatment of cervical dystonica, and altering heart rate variability.

Principal Investigator: Jayme Mancini, D.O., Ph.D.


Ergonomics in Medical Students

Studies the use of smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, and desktop computers on development of head, neck, and upper back pain in the medical student population.

Primary investigator: Michael Terzella, D.O.