Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics XM combines the world's best technology for listening to feedback with automated and integrated workflows that drive action at every level of the organization. Now you can empower your team to hear every stakeholder's voice and close every experience gap.


Helpful experience management & market research guidance, all in one place. Regardless of how you like to learn

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Can I install this software on my personal computers?

Qualtrics can be accessed online from all of your personal devices.

Where can I get help with this software?

Qualtrics Support is your one-stop shop to learn how to use any part of the Qualtrics Platform. An entire library of articles, manuals, and troubleshooting tools - right at your fingertips.

Vendor tutorials

Vendor tutorials can be accessed through XM Basecamp

What does this software cost?

Faculty should contact Service Central to request access to Qualtrics for their students. The license is paid by New York Tech