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  • Deliver online homework that includes videos, assessments, study tools, and seamless access to the eTextbook.

Cengage Infuse

  •  Get your course online in as little as ten minutes.


  • Deliver online homework with interactive questions, just-in-time assessment, remediation, and eTextbook access.


  • Deliver online homework and secure testing, plus the eTextbook and study resources for students. 


  • Deliver online homework in a mastery-based learning environment offering just-in-time support, study resources, and eTextbook access.


  • Deliver online homework that augments OER content with videos and assessments.

MindTap Collections

  • Mastery of MS Office skills through simulated training, exams, and auto-graded in-application projects.

Training Resources

Student Start Guides

Trouble Shootings &  User Guides


Can I install this software on my personal computers?

This software is available through Canvas

On how many of my personal devices can Install this software?

Cengage can be accessed on all your personal devices. 

Where can I get help with this software?

For any assistance needed, help can be found on Cengage Platform Help

Are there any self-paced tutorials?

Cengage offers training resources that provide user guides, training videos, and webinars. 

What does this software cost?

The cost of Cengage varies based on the variant of your choosing.

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