Welcome to New York Tech's Smart Classroom Support Center

New York Institute of Technology's smart classrooms offers a wealth of technology-based resources. The smart classrooms are:

  • Zoom-enhanced: Zoom video conferencing enables you to bring in guest speakers or share your on-site class with others. Zoom-enabled classrooms have sound-balanced speakers and microphones for clear audio.
  • Appointed with a large group display system with a sound enhancement that is either a projector and screen or large displays.
  • Equipped with a document camera to display your notes, and 3D objects or serve as an extended whiteboard.
  • Furnished with a touch panel to control the volume and the display and choose your presentation source for the large group display.
  • Simple and easy to use.

With a simple one-touch interface in each classroom, using the touch panel, you can select the presentation source for the large group display in the classroom. You can show content from the classroom PC or present your content from most HDMI or USB-C devices such as your laptop, iPad, or smartphone.

We have levels of technologies—or tiers—of smart classrooms:

  • In the Tier 1 classroom, there are dual projectors that deliver the same content to both projectors.
  • New York Tech provides a scaled-back version of the smart classroom for smaller classrooms, called the Tier .5 option which includes a podium, one projector, and a document camera.
  • The third smart classroom type is Tier .25, which has all the features of Tier .5 without a podium or document camera.

Where can you find smart classrooms? Click on the classroom directory.

What to do when you enter a smart classroom?

Entering a New York Tech classroom, go to the podium and look for black cubby cabinet, the control center for the technology-enhanced classroom. It contains the following devices:

  • a touch panel which interacts with the technology in the room;
  • cable connections such as HDMI, USB-C for your laptop or other devices;
  • a white document camera is present in most classrooms, to serve as an overhead projector for your notes or 3D objects or to serve as a whiteboard for remote students.

Watch the brief tutorial videos to learn how to operate the components of the presentation system in the smart classroom.

If you would like to make an appointment with an Information Technology Services staff member to answer your questions or make an appointment to review the technology in these classrooms, please call 516.686.1188 or navigate to nyit.edu/itshelp to put in a ticket. Our staff is available to assist you, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ET), except on holidays. Please include your contact information (email and phone number) and the best time and date to reach you, and a staff member will contact you.

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