Account Balance FAQ's

How to determine my balance due?

Tuition and fees plus housing related charges (if applicable) minus any "Anticipated Financial Aid" is due in accordance with the published due dates for each semester.

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Account Balance: Your current and most up to date balance is displayed in your account under My Account on the Overview tab in the center of the page.

Note: "Anticipated Financial Aid for the term" is not deducted from this amount until it has been applied to your account.

Anticipated Financial Aid: If you have "Anticipated Financial Aid", it is displayed in your account under My Account on the Overview tab in the center of the page.

Note: Not all "Anticipated Financial Aid" is "Approved." We encourage all students to check their "To Do List" in their My NYIT because open items are time sensitive and if they are not completed, they may prevent anticipated aid from posting to your account. View any outstanding To Do List items on the Student Center Tab in

How much do I have to pay by the due date?

To determine your balance due, you subtract the "Anticipated Financial Aid for the term" from the “Account Balance.”

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If you have an uncovered balance remaining after you subtract your "Anticipated Financial Aid" then that is the amount that is due in accordance with the payment due date.

To avoid having a financial hold placed on your account or the risk of being charged a late fee, students can enroll in a payment plan for the uncovered amount or pay this balance remaining on or before the payment due date.

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What if I do not see any "Anticipated Financial Aid" or my aid/scholarship isn't posted to my account?

Generally most aid and scholarships will be posted at the end of the add/drop period for the semester. NYS TAP is posted based on the NYS schedule.

If your aid has not been posted to your account after the add/drop period has passed, there may be an issue.

There are several factors that could be preventing your aid from posting.

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  • Have you applied for aid?
  • Have you accepted your aid/scholarship?
  • Students are required to read and accept the Financial Aid Disclosures before any financial aid can be applied to a student's account. Visit your Student Service HUB and click on the To Do list under My Tasks to complete this task.
  • Do you have any open items on your to do list that might be preventing you from receiving your aid?
    • Have you completed your Master Promissory Note?
    • Have you completed your Entrance Counseling?
  • Have you maintained your scholarship eligibility?
  • Have you been selected for Verification?
  • Are you expecting NYS TAP? (Applies to New York State Residents only)
    Deadline: June 30

Please note that in addition to accepting the following awards, the NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), Parent Plus loans, and Grad Plus loans, all require an application.

For more information on these Financial Aid topics

If you are still having trouble, have no open items on your "To Do List," and have not been selected for verification, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 516.686.7680 or for help.

NYITCOM students

How do I know if I have a Hold or an outstanding item on my To Do List?

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  • To Do List: The "To Do List" displays tasks you need to finish, such as completing or submitting a financial aid form or filing a FAFSA, etc. If you do not accomplish an open "To Do List" item, it can become a Hold on your record.
  • Holds: Items that can prevent you from registering include unpaid tuition or fees, academic advising requirements, missing admissions documents, immunizations, etc.

To view a list of Holds that will prevent registration, and view any outstanding To Do List items:

  • Sign into your account
  • Click on "Student Service Hub"
  • Click on "My Tasks"
  • A window will open displaying your To Dos or Holds.
  • If you have any To Do List items or a Hold, click on each individual item to open information and instructions, including which department to contact to resolve the item.
  • If your Hold has no end date on it then the hold is still active.
  • Open To Do Lists can result in a Hold being placed on your account.