Early Alerts

A big part of helping students succeed is identifying potential issues early on and intervening with the appropriate support. Sometimes this requires a team effort.

Through EAB Navigate’s “Issue an Alert” feature, you can identify undergraduate students who may be experiencing academic difficulties in your courses. Such difficulties include, but are not limited to: poor academic performance, academic disengagement, and/or excessive absences. Your concerned, proactive feedback allows the Undergraduate Academic Advising (UAA) staff to engage with the students you identified and connect them with the proper resources to help get them back on track.

To issue an Early Alert log in to EAB Navigate to access your class roster. Select the student(s) you wish to issue an alert on and select the "Issue an Alert" link from the Action drop-down menu. A short form will appear for you to complete and submit. Need more help? Review the Issue an Alert Guide for Faculty.

Log on to Navigate

Questions? Please email advising@nyit.edu or call 516.686.7575 for assistance.

When Should I Issue an Early Alert?


Early Alerts can be submitted throughout the semester but are more effective when submitted early on, when a concern for your student’s academic performance is first noticed. Before Issuing an Alert, please make at least one attempt at expressing your concerns directly to the student. This will avoid our outreach coming across as a surprise. Early Alerts are submitted proactively by you. Progress Reports are requested (by the UAA) for students in certain populations.

What Types of Early Alert Can I Issue?


Below is a guide to the types of alerts you can issue and a description of when to assign the alert reason.

Alert Reason Use this reason if/when...
Absences/Tardiness a student is frequently late to class or has excessive absences (more than 3) early in the semester.
Student Needs to Withdraw from Course you suggest that the student should withdraw from the course. Be sure to include comments about why you’re suggesting the student withdraw.
Missing Work/Exams - Can be made up the student has missed work/exams and they cannot be made up. Please indicate if the student is in danger of failing the course due to missed assignments.
Student Not Completing Online Assignments the student is not completing their required assignments in Canvas, including submitting work and/or discussion board responses.
Needs Tutoring you recommend the student signs up for tutoring. If there is a particular topic you recommend tutoring for, include it in the comments.
Writing Skills you recommend the student signs up for writing tutoring. If there is a particular topic you recommend tutoring for, include it in the comments.
ESL (Non-ESL Course) the student is struggling with coursework due to English not being their first language.
Outside of Academic Concern (add comments) the student is exhibiting behaviors in class that are not related to academic concerns. A C.A.R.E. Form can also be submitted in this instance.
Other (add comments) the concern about the student is not related to any of the other reasons. Include comments to explain your concern.

Do I Need to Add Comments?


Yes, we strongly encourage you to add details in the Additional Comments section, which is not visible to the student. This helps us better understand the issue and be better informed when speaking with the student. When adding comments, be sure to

  • Indicate what you have done to assist or reach out to the student prior to the alert.
  • Provide a summary of the problem or recommendation that the advisor could use to initiate the conversation.
  • Indicate if the student can make-up the missing work, including exams/quizzes, projects, discussion board posts, and homework.
  • Recommend a withdrawal if the student has no chance to improve their grade in your course.
  • Provide any information that you think will be helpful for us to know. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to assist the students.

What Happens After I Issue an Early Alert?


After submitting an Early Alert, it will be assigned to an UAA Advisor. This advisor will conduct outreach via phone, email, and text to the student. The Advisor will reach out to you and inform you when the case has been closed and will provide information on the outcome.