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Technology-Based Learning Systems (TBLS)

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in the Technology-Based Learning Systems (TBLS) department of New York Tech.

Director Stan Silverman has been a key figure in the evolution of instructional technology throughout New York state, and an advisor to numerous technology projects across the nation. He is the director of Technology Based Learning Systems (TBLS). This research and development program has been a leading site for testing new educational technology products in their state of the art instruction and video conferencing facilities. He is also a Founding Senior Fellow in the Office of Online and Continuing Education.

TBLS has been a leader in Instructional Technology for K–12 schools for over 25 years. It has worked with the New York State Teacher Centers to create the Online Academy and with Nassau BOCES on a Virtual Learning Space grant to create self-paced and facilitated courses. New York Tech has also hosted the longest running K–12 educational network in the country.

Fourteen years ago, New York Tech created the Educational Enterprise Zone (EEZ), which now works with over 100 museums and content providers. A technical support staff is available from the initial analysis of equipment needs to the implementation of programs. EEZ's multi-point video conferencing system allows members to connect to as many as 11 different locations simultaneously, even if the locations are using different connection protocols. New York Tech is also the state representative to the MarcoPolo Foundation and provides access to the MarcoPolo resources statewide.

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