Faculty e-Portfolios

All faculty and librarian personnel processes (reappointment, tenure, promotion, and sabbatical) are housed on mahara, an open source e-portfolio platform. This page houses documentation for faculty members in Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Engineering & Computing Sciences; Schools of Architecture & Design, Health Professions, and Management; and librarians.

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Creating Your e-Portfolio

External Review Materials

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Step-by-Step Documentation

Step 1: Prepare your documents

  1. All files should be in PDF format. Filenames start with the year and should clearly Indicate the contents. See the File Naming Conventions for more information and examples.
  2. Download the folder set, located at the bottom of this page, for your school or college.
  3. Move the documents into the correct folders. Add your Executive Summary, CV, and the letter from your department chair to the top-level folder. (See image of completed folders)
  4. Compress the folders.

Step 2: Create a portfolio page; upload and link your files

  1. Navigate to Content (Files). Upload your zipped folders. (PDF)
  2. Decompress the zipped file. (PDF)
  3. Navigate to Portfolio.
  4. Make a copy of the template. Add the name of your department into the Description field. (PDF)
  5. Link your files and folders from the Content area to the appropriate locations on the portfolio page. (PDF)

Step 3: Submit your portfolio

  1. Share your portfolio with Personnel Portfolios account, with permission to copy. Deadline is October 1 for faculty in year 3; December 1 for faculty in years 3 and beyond. (PDF)
  2. If you are a candidate for tenure and/or promotion, create a secret url of your External Review page, and share that link with your department chair. (See PDF)
  3. Global Faculty applying for renewal and/or promotion: Share your portfolio with permission to copy with "Personnel Portfolios" account to submit it (Deadline: December 1 for faculty in Vancouver). (PDF)

Step 4: for reviewers – DPC and SPC chairs and deans

  1. Locate ePortfolio pages by first navigating to the appropriate Group. Add your letter by creating a comment and attaching your letter of review. (PDF)

Video Guides

New ePortfolio Platform: Upload, Link, Submit

Create a Sabbatical Application

Add a New Folder or File to your ePortfolio

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