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The Office of Planning and Assessment at NYIT is charged with maintaining and strengthening the links between assessment, planning and decision-making at the university. To fulfill this charge, the office oversees the implementation NYIT 2030, the institution’s strategic plan, as well as its Institutional Assessment Plan.  This site is created to document and keep track of the assessment, planning and decision-making process for the NYIT community. Please find related information through the links below:

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News & Events - Office of Planning and Assessment
Mar 05 2014

Assessment Committee Meeting, February, 27, 2014

Assessment Committee Minutes: February 27, 2014

Attending: Veneta Sotiropoulos, Youjeong Kim, Frank Mruk, Jason Van Nest, David Cirella, Paolo Gasti, Fran Glazer, Nick Bloom, Olena Zhadko, Hattie Arnone, Pat Chute, Patty Wongpakdu, Patricia Burlaud, Mike Uttendorfer, Tobi Abramson, Emily Restivo, Jea Ahn, Francy Magee, Shifang Li, Zehra Ahmed, Gioia Ciani, Dan Quigley, Babak Beheshti, Selene Loughlin.

In its role as working group on Standard 14 (Student Learning Outcomes Assessment) for NYIT’s Periodic Review Report, the committee was asked by the PRR Steering Committee to review and offer comments on the relevant section of the PRR draft document.

The overall organization of the document was discussed and, one section at a time, committee members contributed suggestions:

  • Sections 1 & 2. Student Learning Assessment by NYIT Faculty and Use of Assessment Results to Improve Student Learning Outcomes – suggest we make the link stronger between improved institutional outcomes (e.g., graduation rates, retention) and actions faculty have taken in response to assessment results
  • Section 3. External Assessments – committee members supplied some specific (missing) information related to program accreditations
  • Section 4. Developing an Assessment Culture – Add material about assessment on global campuses; add material on faculty attending assessment workshops off campus; add mention of “house calls” made by assessment coordinator to help faculty design, implement and report on assessments of student learning.
Jan 16 2014

January, 2014 Assessment Day Leadership Program

Involving All Stake Holders in the Process of Assessment

On January 15, 2014, the Assessment Day Leadership Program was held on both NY campuses. All deans, associate deans, program chairs, and assessment/accreditation coordinators participated the meeting linked via DL. The purpose was to help academic leaders to share and learn from each other about how to involve stakeholders in the process of program assessment- one of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s criteria set for meaningful academic program assessment.
Four methods were discussed in depth in the meeting, including:

  • Input from current students
  • Advisory Boards
  • Feedback from internship supervisor
  • Alumni/Employer surveys

Participants: Hattie Arnone, Babak.Beheshti, Bonnie Granat, Daniel Quigley, Diamando Afxentiou, Francine Glazer, Frank Mruk, James Murdy, Jess Boronico, Jeahyeon Ahn, John Hyde, Judy DiMaio, Michael Uttendorfer, Nada Anid, Patricia Burlaud, Patricia Chute, Selene Loughlin, Anna Silverstein, Anthony Piazza, Carol Dahir, David Hogsette, Donald Fizzinoglia, Elaine Brown, Frank Lee, Gioia Ciano, Hui-Yin Hsu, Karen Friel, Katherine Williams, Lakhdar Amara, Lawrence Herman, Leslie Schuster, Lisa Runco, Luis Navia, Maria Lapadula, Martha Siegel, Matthias Altwicker, Maya Kroumova, Meryle Kohn, Mindy Haar, Nicholas Bloom, Olena Zhadko, Ranja Roy, Robert Cody, Shiang-Kwei Wang, Shifang Li, Steven Lu, Susan Neville, Terry Nauheim Goodman, Yoshikazu Saito, Zehra Ahmed, Corri Wolf, Emily Restivo, Fang Li, Jason Van Nest, Rajendra Tibrewala, Robert Koenig, Rozina Vavetsi, Stan Silverman, Tobi Abramson, Zennabelle Sewell, Ziqian Dong

Locations: Old Westbury, HSH -DL1, Manhattan – EGGC- 701

Please find the discussion notes Here.

Please contact Shifang Li, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for further information.

Dec 19 2013

Assessment Committee Meeting - December 5th, 2013

Assessment Commitee Meeting, Held on December 5th, 2013

Attending:  Steve Billis, Veneta Sotiropoulos, Patrick Love, Fran Glazer, David Cirella, Youjeong Kim, Olena Zhadko, Frank Mruk, Jason van Nest, Hattie Arnone, Patricia Burlaud, Selene Loughlin, Tobi Abramson, Shifang Li, Francy Magee, Jess Boronico, Sue Neville, Nada Anid, Zahra Ahmed

The purpose of the meeting was to plan for the Leadership Session on the January 15, 2014 Assessment Day.

After reviewing the powerpoint used at last year’s session, the committee discussed potential themes.  Dean Boronico suggested that the group discuss ways to engage external communities in assessing the quality of student learning (one of the best practice items on the Middle States rubric for assessing assessment processes: “Involve all stakeholders in assessing student learning” ).  The goal would be to share ways of engaging stakeholders in meaningful ways; the outcome that chairs and deans would develop plans and timetables for improving in this respect in their programs/schools.

Suggestions for discussions/presentation topics on January 15 include:  Juries reviewing/commenting on student work; advisory boards; focus groups of employers; various methods for keeping faculty current (roundtables, conferences, other faculty development); alumni surveys, roundtables, exit interviews and surveys with graduating student; feedback from “clients” meeting our students through academic service learning, internships, etc.; doing these things at global locations.