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The Office of Planning and Assessment at NYIT is charged with maintaining and strengthening the links between assessment, planning and decision-making at the university. To fulfill this charge, the office oversees the implementation NYIT 2030, the institution’s strategic plan, as well as its Institutional Assessment Plan.  This site is created to document and keep track of the assessment, planning and decision-making process for the NYIT community. Please find related information through the links below:

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News & Events - Office of Planning and Assessment
Dec 05 2014

Assessment Committee Meeting, December, 4, 2014

Assessment Committee - Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2014

Attending:  Bill Palmore, Dan Quigley, David Cirella, Eleni Nikitopoulos, Frank Murk, Jason Van Nest, Jea Ahn, Hattie Arnone, Lisa Sparacino, Mathew Ford, Niharika Nath, Olena Zhadko, Paolo Gasti, Patricia Burlaud, Ranja Roy, Shifang Li, Steve Billis, Stan Silverman, Veneta Sotiropoulos

1.   The committee reviewed and discussed members’ recommendations for improving assessment at NYIT.  They agreed to propose the following (and amend the Annual Report to reflect these additions):

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