D.I.Y. Toolkit

D.I.Y. Toolkit

NYIT's Design Style Guide is your complete source for official NYIT logos and visual identity. These guidelines are intended to provide consistency and uniformity for all NYIT communications and brand expressions. You can download a written version, or watch a “how-to” guide, separated by chapters. If you have any questions about the NYIT logo or visual brand identity, please reach out to us.

NYIT Downloadable Logos

The refreshed NYIT logo was refined in response to research that showed dozens of different logos being used in NYIT communications. The NYIT square logo is an integral part of communicating the brand at all levels of the organization and in all locations. To use this logo, please follow the guidelines included in NYIT's Design Style Guide.

Electronic Letterhead Templates

Guidelines on personalizing letterhead can be found in NYIT's Design Style Guide. All electronic letterhead templates are Word documents (.docx files). Make sure to put your phone number in the footer of the templates.

Campus E-Letterhead

Department Letterhead

Health Care Center E-Letterhead

School/College Letterhead

Digital Assets


Business Cards