Workplace Violence

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NYIT prohibits threats, menacing conduct, or acts of violence on its premises, or off premises on NYIT business, by its employees, former employees, visitors, vendors, or any other individuals. NYIT further prohibits all individuals (other than law enforcement officers) from bringing any weapons, including, but not limited to, firearms, knives or explosives onto its premises. Any conduct which violates this policy must immediately be reported to your supervisor and to the Office of Human Resources and NYIT Security.

Employee reports will be investigated as appropriate and, to the extent possible, maintained in confidence. The College will take prompt, appropriate remedial action against those who violate this policy. Remedial action may include disciplinary action up to and including suspension or immediate termination of employment and notification to law enforcement agencies. Retaliation against an employee for reporting violations of this policy is strictly prohibited and such conduct is also a violation of this policy, which will subject the “retaliator” to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or termination of employment.