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NYIT offers every regular full-time, 12-month employee paid vacation, and the rules for non-unionized employees are set forth below. The number of vacation days that you are eligible for is determined on a calendar-year basis and each full-time employee earns vacation on a pro-rata basis throughout the year. With supervisor approval, employees may use "borrowed" vacation days up to the annual accrual earlier in the calendar year before the days have been earned. Any such borrowed days will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck if the employee terminates before accruing the borrowed vacation.

All requests for vacation time must be submitted on a timely basis to your supervisor, who will approve your request consistent with the operating needs of the department. Vacation days will only be approved for times when your absence will not place undue hardship on the operations of your department. Individual departments may have periods of peak activity in which no vacation time may be taken.

Unless otherwise noted (e.g., in your offer letter), all non-union, full-time employees will receive 24 vacation days per year. You must use all of your vacation days before year end.

If your employment ends during the year, your final pay will include any earned/unused vacation days, based on the number of months worked in the current year. Vacation days used, but not yet earned, will be deducted from your final pay.