Student Code of Conduct: Non-U.S. Campuses

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The NYIT Student Code of Conduct is summarized below. Students can contact the Director of Student Affairs/Dean of Students for a copy of the full policy and procedures regarding the Student Code of Conduct (Policies & Procedures Manual, Policy A-12).


As a global institution, the New York Institute of Technology strives to fulfill its academic mission at all of its campuses in a manner that is true to its core values and purposes and is respectful of local traditions and culture. To this end, students and staff of NYIT are obligated through their association with NYIT to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the values of New York Institute and the cultural context of the location where the campus is based. Clothing, behavior, and topics of discourse must fit the generally accepted expectations of modesty and respect for local culture. The deliberate violation of established rules or procedures at NYIT is unacceptable in a learning community and NYIT will act immediately to ensure that the situation is corrected.


The Code of Conduct provides in greater detail information about expectations and offences. The list below is a brief summary of those actions that will result in disciplinary action. If a student is found to have acted in a way contrary to the expectations of NYIT, sanctions will be imposed. The following are examples of prohibited forms of conduct:

  • Unauthorized use or access of NYIT computers, network, or accounts
  • Disruptive conduct that interferes with the functions of NYIT and its staff
  • Offensive or vulgar language either in writing or in speech
  • Possession, purchase, consumption or use of illegal substances
  • Clothing that is immodest, inappropriate, or excessively casual
  • Interference, violence, or threatening the mental or physical health, safety or well-being of others on the NYIT campus
  • Failure to comply with a request or directive of an NYIT official
  • Providing false or misleading information to an NYIT official
  • Actions that results in damage to or loss of NYIT property
  • Conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, unsafe, or threatening environment
  • Immoral or immodest conduct
  • Littering, defacing, or damaging any NYIT property
  • Smoking in areas that are designated as non-smoking
  • Theft, trespass, or vandalism property of another or of NYIT
  • Possession of any type of weapon or object that can be used as a weapon

Violations of the Code of Conduct are reviewed by the Director of Student Affairs/Dean of Students, or when appropriate, by the Executive Director/Campus Dean, in accord with the policies and procedures outlined in the full Code of Conduct document. Sanctions for violating the Code of Conduct include warnings; fines and restitution; campus access restrictions; disciplinary probation; suspension; and, expulsion from NYIT. An appeals procedure is provided. See the Executive Director/Campus Dean and Director of Student Affairs/Dean of Students for a full copy of the Code of Conduct.