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Possible sanctions for violation of this policy range from warning to expulsion and include suspension and probation. Additional sanctions may apply. The full range of sanctions are set forth in the Codes of Conduct; however, lower-level sanctions such as a warning will rarely be appropriate in cases of Gender-Based Misconduct.

Generally speaking, NYIT considers Non-Consensual Sexual Penetration violations to be the most serious offenses, and therefore typically imposes the most severe sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. However, NYIT reserves the right to impose any level of sanction for any Gender-Based Misconduct, based on the facts and circumstances of the particular allegation.

In determining an appropriate sanction, the Judicial Body shall consider aggravating factors including but not limited to: (a) any record of past violations, (b) the nature and severity of such past violations, and (c) premeditation/intent to commit a violation. The Judicial Body will also consider whether the sanction will (a) bring an end to the violation in question, (b) reasonably prevent a recurrence of a similar violation, and (c) remedy the effects of the violation on the complainant and the NYIT community.