Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities

A. Student Rights

  1. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, NYIT students with a documented disability have a right to reasonable accommodations, which provides an equal opportunity to participate in all programs of the college if they are otherwise qualified for the program. The coordinator of Accessibility Services, instructors, other college personnel, and the students work together to determine and provide appropriate accommodations.
  2. NYIT students with a disability have the right to fair and equal treatment by instructors and other college personnel in receiving appropriate accommodations.
  3. NYIT students with a disability have the right to appeal decisions made concerning the accommodations that are deemed appropriate for them.

B. Responsibilities

  1. Students have the responsibility to meet with OAS staff and with their instructors to arrange appropriate accommodations.
  2. Students have the responsibility to remind instructors of pre-arranged testing accommodations to ensure that these accommodations will be provided.
  3. Students scheduled to complete tests outside of the classroom through the Office of Accessibility Services are responsible for scheduling a testing time five business days in advance with OAS staff.
  4. Students must return all equipment and materials checked out from OAS at the end of the current semester before leaving campus. Failure to return borrowed equipment will result in the loss of the right to use the services and may result in financial charges.
  5. Students are required to meet all technical standards of their academic department.
  6. Students are required to follow the NYIT Student Code of Conduct and the Academic Integrity Policy of the College.
  7. Students are responsible for becoming familiar with all OAS policies and procedures.

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C. Accommodations

Students wishing to utilize the Office of Accessibility Services for their exam accommodations must comply with the following testing policies and procedures:

  1. Students must complete necessary paperwork at the beginning of each semester so that their professors become aware of the accommodations they are legally entitled to receive. This paperwork must be signed by OAS staff, student and professor and returned to the OAS in order to receive accommodations.
  2. Exams must be scheduled with the OAS at least five days in advance.
  3. Students are responsible for providing their professors with the Exam Accommodations Form and for reminding professors of the accommodations they are entitled to for each and every exam.
  4. Students must arrive at OAS on time. Exams are timed and monitored at ODS. As in a typical classroom setting, your exam time will begin at the time your test is scheduled for. Arriving late will result in the loss of exam time.
  5. Students will be monitored by a proctor while taking exams. Cell phones are not allowed in the testing room. Academic integrity is a priority and students must uphold the standards of academic integrity while utilizing OAS services.

Sign the Rights and Responsibilities Form

Failure to comply with these testing policies and procedures will be documented. If a student fails to comply on three occasions, a meeting will occur with the Assistant Director of Accessibility Services to review these policies and procedures and the consequences of non-compliance.