Recreation and Drug Policy

NYIT's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation is committed to protecting the health and safety of its student-athletes and providing them with a program that emphasizes education, discipline, and prevention. Use of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and other performance enhancing substances is incompatible with the department's mission and in violation of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules. As a result, student-athletes will be subject to year-round, random drug testing by NYIT, administered independently of and entirely separate from the NCAA's drug testing program. Accordingly, at the beginning of each school year or upon entrance into an NYIT athletic program, each student-athlete will be required to sign a consent form and to cooperate fully in the drug testing program administered by the college. Refusal or failure of a student to comply with these procedures will result in his/her suspension from all intercollegiate athletic activities at NYIT.

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