Publication of NYIT Department, Office, Group Names, and Personnel Titles

For all print or digital publications produced by SCEA (Strategic Communications and External Affairs), the NYIT online directory is the de facto source of information. All name, title, and department changes must go through the proper channels and receive requisite approvals before they are forwarded to Human Resources, at which time the online directory is updated.

Once a name/title/department appears in the directory, SCEA is able to make the following changes:

  1. Updates to the website (navigation, headlines, and inline text) will be made by SCEA within 1–2 weeks of official name change appearing in the directory—and SCEA will scrub ("search and replace") the website in the ensuing months to ensure the new name appears elsewhere throughout. Exception: Past box blog stories, calendar/event listing archives, and press releases will not be updated.
  2. For institutional name changes (campus names, for example), NYIT's editorial style guide, which is the de facto source for the entire NYIT community, is updated with the new name. The guide is used as a reference for naming conventions for all communications that are handled or created by SCEA.
  3. The institutional business card portal, managed by SCEA, will be updated as needed. (Individuals need to make submissions to get new business cards.)
  4. As products come through SCEA, we will look out for name changes and other updates in forms, brochures, etc. that need to be made.
  5. If an institutional announcement needs to be made, SCEA can help coordinate a community-wide and/or external email or other announcement.
  6. Updates to existing physical signage, promotional items, and collateral materials should be coordinated by the department/office undergoing the name change. An audit (including signage, letterhead, print materials, promo items) is recommended so that those items can be updated in a coordinated manner.
  7. Social media, networks, and third-party relationships managed by individual departments should be updated/informed of the change of name by the department.