Privacy and Confidentiality: Student Conduct Records

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  1. All conduct proceedings and records are confidential. In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), New York Tech will abide by all laws requiring confidentiality and privacy with regard to the student conduct process. This confidentiality extends to all student conduct bodies and forums.
  2. In cases involving alleged behavior, where the complainant's rights are impacted, the associate deans of students (or designee) will inform the complainant whenever appropriate of the outcome of the conduct meeting. In cases of violation of the gender-based misconduct policy, the complainant will receive notification of the outcome.
  3. All conduct proceedings are private and closed to the public, unless the student alleged to have violated the policy and the complainant (if applicable) agree in writing to an open hearing. However, the student conduct body, when necessary to maintain order or to protect the rights of other participants, can deem the proceedings closed to the public.