Personal Leave of Absence

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A regular, full-time employee may request a personal leave of absence (not related to the Family and Medical Leave Act) of up to 60 days. You are eligible to apply for this type of leave after one year of service. The leave may be unpaid or you may use accrued vacation time to provide you with pay for all or part of the leave period (accrued sick time cannot be used during a personal leave.) During a personal leave of absence, the college will continue to provide your benefits in effect prior to the leave (i.e., medical, dental, life insurance, and long-term disability). If your leave is unpaid, pre-tax flexible spending contributions and retirement plan contributions will not continue (including NYIT's contribution). If you use vacation time during your leave, the flexible spending and retirement plan contributions will continue while you are being paid by NYIT. In addition, sick time and vacation time accruals continue only if you are being paid by NYIT (see information regarding a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act).

You must make a written request for a personal leave of absence to your supervisor. The request must be approved by your supervisor and the relevant vice president. Once approved, forward a copy to the benefits unit of the Office of Human Resources. This request must state the reason for the leave and the dates for which the leave is requested. NYIT reserves the right to require written substantiation of the conditions prompting the leave. During a personal leave of absence, an employee may not work elsewhere or accept a position outside of NYIT. This action would result in cancellation of your leave and could affect your continued employment with NYIT.

At the conclusion of an approved personal leave of absence, NYIT will attempt to reinstate you to your previous position, or to an equivalent one. If a position is not available at the end of your leave, your employment with NYIT will end. In addition, if you do not return to work immediately upon the end of your leave period, as previously agreed upon, your employment will end and your record will reflect that you voluntarily resigned your position.