Pass/Fail Option

For Spring 2020 in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic for All Campuses

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New York Institute of Technology undergraduate and graduate students have the option of choosing Pass/Fail (P/F) for all or some of their spring 2020 courses. A passing grade for undergraduates is equivalent to a C- or better; graduate students is a C or better. A grade of P (Pass) has no impact upon grade point average (GPA). A grade of F (Fail) negatively impacts the GPA.

Grade Translation

Student Population A grade of: Translates to a grade of:
Undergraduate StudentsA, A-, B+, B, B-, C, C+ or C-P Pass (does not impact GPA)
D+, D, FF Fail (negatively impacts GPA)
Graduate StudentsA, B+, B, C+, CP Pass (does not impact GPA)
FF Fail (negatively impacts GPA)

The deadline to select the pass/fail option is 14 days (2 weeks) after grades are posted. Once chosen, the Pass/Fail option is final. This option is applicable for courses conducted during Cycle C, Cycle D, and the regular spring term, including those that were already being offered online.

Students should speak with their advisor before choosing the Pass/Fail option to make certain that you understand all the consequences of the Pass/Fail option. All students receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to check with the Financial Aid office before choosing the Pass/Fail option. Students and advisors are encouraged to refer to the online GPA calculator for assistance in calculating an anticipated cumulative GPA.

Some majors require a particular grade in a course to progress to the next level. Check with your advisor if you are uncertain about whether this applies to your major.

Important Notes for Students

  • All students are strongly encouraged to meet with a financial aid counselor about possible impact upon their future and current financial aid. Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor before making any decisions regarding Pass/Fail.
  • Athletes and international students should speak with their relevant advisor (international student services and athletics, respectively) before choosing the Pass/Fail option.
  • Graduating seniors pursuing graduate school and students applying for medical or law school, should consider maintaining a letter grade for courses related to future fields of study.
  • PA, PT, B.S./D.O., and Nursing students should speak with their advisors before choosing the Pass/Fail option since their programs have specific grade requirements to progress.
  • Students receiving NYS TAP financial aid must check with the financial aid office before making a decision regarding Pass/Fail.
  • Veterans or their dependents should check with their veterans school certifying official in the Office of the Registrar before making a decision about Pass/Fail.