Pass/Fail Option

For Spring 2020 in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic for All Campuses

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New York Institute of Technology undergraduate and graduate students have the option of choosing Pass/Fail (P/F) for all or some of their spring 2020 courses. A passing grade for undergraduates is equivalent to a C- or better; graduate students is a C or better. A grade of P (Pass) has no impact upon grade point average (GPA). A grade of F (Fail) negatively impacts the GPA.

Grade Translation

Student Population A grade of: Translates to a grade of:
Undergraduate StudentsA, A-, B+, B, B-, C, C+ or C-P Pass (does not impact GPA)
D+, D, FF Fail (negatively impacts GPA)
Graduate StudentsA, B+, B, C+, CP Pass (does not impact GPA)
FF Fail (negatively impacts GPA)

The deadline to select the pass/fail option is 14 days (2 weeks) after the grades are posted. Once chosen, the Pass/Fail option is final. This option is applicable for courses conducted during Cycle D and the regular spring term, including those that were already being offered online. This option does not apply to Cycle C courses.

Students should speak with their advisor before choosing the Pass/Fail option to make certain that you understand all the consequences of the Pass/Fail option. All students receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to check with the Financial Aid office before choosing the Pass/Fail option. Students and advisors are encouraged to refer to the online GPA calculator for assistance in calculating an anticipated cumulative GPA.

Some majors require a particular grade in a course to progress to the next level. Check with your advisor if you are uncertain about whether this applies to your major.

Important Notes for Students

  • All students are strongly encouraged to meet with a financial aid counselor about possible impact upon their future and current financial aid. Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor before making any decisions regarding Pass/Fail.
  • Athletes and international students should speak with their relevant advisor (international student services and athletics, respectively) before choosing the Pass/Fail option.
  • Graduating seniors pursuing graduate school and students applying for medical or law school, should consider maintaining a letter grade for courses related to future fields of study.
  • PA, PT, B.S./D.O., and Nursing students should speak with their advisors before choosing the Pass/Fail option since their programs have specific grade requirements to progress.
  • Students receiving NYS TAP financial aid must check with the financial aid office before making a decision regarding Pass/Fail.
  • Veterans or their dependents should check with their veterans school certifying official in the Office of the Registrar before making a decision about Pass/Fail.