Ownership of NYIT Coursework: U.S. Campuses

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Course materials provided to students by the professor are owned by either the professor, NYIT, or an outside author or provider, and may not be copied or used by students in any manner without permission. For example, it is an unlawful copyright infringement for a student to post course-lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, exams or other such materials on websites, whether or not the student receives payment for the posting. In general, students own the copyright to coursework which is their own original creation, subject to any ownership rights of other contributors, including other students and/or faculty.

Special Rules

Special rules apply in the case of video and audio productions, films, slide/tape presentations and other nonprint media which are produced in fulfillment of class assignments or as advanced individual study projects, whether made on school premises or elsewhere, with or without school equipment, and with or without extra funds. Any exceptions to these rules must be agreed to in writing in advance of the production by the dean of the appropriate academic school.

  1. All such films and tapes are co-owned by the student and the school. In each case, students who make the film/tape should decide which student or students co-own the film/tape with the school.
  2. Either the student or the school may arrange distribution; students who do not wish to have films/tapes distributed may veto distribution.
  3. The school will decide whether or not to put its name on a given film or tape.
  4. Distribution deals, whether arranged by the school or by the student, must be approved and signed by the dean of the appropriate academic school.
  5. All income after print costs and other upfront obligations are paid will go directly from the distributor to the student and the school on a 50/50 basis; outside funding is not considered to be an upfront obligation.
  6. The school's income will be used for scholarships, for funding future student films/tapes, and for fees and expenses in connection with placing student films/tapes in festivals. If a film/tape wins a prize, that prize goes to the student, minus the cost of placing the film/tape in competition.
  7. Films/tapes may be distributed only after a faculty advisor has made sure that all necessary clearances have been obtained by the student(s).
  8. The student and the college each has a right to prints (e.g. copies) at cost as such prints are needed for NYIT or student use; such prints may not be rented or sold.