NYIT-Owned Mobile Device Policy


NYIT supports the use of mobile devices by administrative staff, consultants, contractors, and other affiliated individuals who qualify under the guidelines of this policy. For eligible individuals, an appropriate mobile device will be provided and paid for with NYIT departmental funds. The Information Technology Telecommunications Office has full responsibility and authority for the management of the NYIT mobile device program and will administer and manage the provisions of this policy.

Policy Purpose

The primary purpose of this policy is to assure effective use of all cellular mobile devices owned by New York Institute of Technology and leveraging cost efficiencies, while providing proper communication solutions for authorized NYIT and other affiliated personnel.

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all NYIT employees, consultants, contractors, and other affiliated individuals who are assigned an NYIT owned cellular network mobile device for business purposes. The Information Technology Telecommunications Office is responsible for administering the procurement, issuance, and use of all cellular mobile devices owned by New York Institute of Technology.

Where any section, subsection, sentence, clause, or phrase of this Policy is found to conflict with any federal, state, or local law, the terms of such laws or rules shall prevail.



Cellular mobile devices shall be provided to NYIT administrative staff, consultants, contractors, and other affiliated individuals who meet all of the criteria below:

  • Travel from their assigned work-site on NYIT business for a significant part of their normal workday or otherwise inaccessible through a landline phone due to the nature of their regular work,
  • Must frequently communicate with others on NYIT business while away from their assigned work-site,
  • Must be accessible at all times,
  • Must be at Director rank or above (service employees and contractors in Facilities, Security, IT, Telecommunications, Admissions, and Athletics are eligible for a cellular mobile device with written approval of their division Vice Presidents without the rank requirement)
  • Must obtain written approval of the authorized approver of their Department account against which charges will be applied,
  • Must obtain written approval of the division Vice President.

Once approved, a mobile device will be assigned to the authorized user. The device will not be assigned to the department or to the position.


NYIT provides cellular mobile devices for the purpose of conducting university business. The use of institutional mobile devices for personal calls and texts is allowed provided that they are not excessive. Authorized users must realize that although personal calls may not result in direct monetary charges, they do count toward the overall time limits established under NYIT's service agreement. Any substantial overage in excess of plan limits, including long distance, data use, roaming or other charges incurred by the authorized user for personal purposes shall be the responsibility of the individual.

Use of NYIT mobile devices for non-university commercial enterprises is forbidden.

Cost and Ownership

The cost of a standard device, service and overages will be budgeted and paid by the User Department.

Mobile devices that are purchased and maintained with NYIT funds are the property of NYIT. All NYIT owned mobile devices are to be returned to the IT Department when an employee transfers to another department or otherwise separates from the Institution.

Cost of premium devices, if specifically requested, will be paid by the requesting user. As such, the user owns the device while NYIT continues to pay the standard service fee from departmental funds. User is responsible for damage and repairs of premium devices. User owned devices do not need to be returned to NYIT at separation. However, underlying carrier services will be summarily discontinued. The user must make alternative arrangements for carrier services on a personal account in order to maintain cellular service, if so desired. NYIT will not issue refunds for premium devices.

Vendors, Plans, Devices, Features and Accessories

Each approved individual will be provided a mobile device and included accessories package from the allowed device list by the Information Technology Telecommunications Office. Currently, NYIT has corporate agreements with Verizon and AT&T. NYIT at its discretion may enter into additional or replacement contracts with other service providers. During the period when one or more of these contracts is in force, NYIT will only purchase mobile devices or service agreements for use on the basis of these contracts, unless a specific exception is granted. The Information Technology Telecommunications Office will select the most cost-effective service provider for mobile devices on a case by case basis.

Non-included accessories such as phone cases, screen protectors, hands-free devices, etc. must be separately obtained by the user with personal funds.

Life Safety Considerations

For personal and public safety reasons, individuals who use wireless mobile devices while driving are expected to observe extreme caution. Under New York State law you are required to use hands-free options while operating a motor vehicle. Hands free options are also recommended for individuals who use mobile devices while operating equipment other than a motor vehicle.

Employees whose job responsibilities include regular or occasional driving and who are issued a mobile phone for business use are expected to refrain from using their phone while driving; use of a mobile phone while driving is not required by the company. Safety must come before all other concerns. Regardless of the circumstances, including slow or stopped traffic, employees are required to use hands-free operations or pull off to the side of the road and safely stop the vehicle before placing or accepting a call. Employees are encouraged to refrain from discussion of complicated or emotional matters and to keep their eyes on the road while driving at all times. Special care should be taken in situations where there is traffic or inclement weather, or the employee is driving in an unfamiliar area.

Reading or sending text messages while driving is strictly prohibited.

Employees who are charged with traffic violations resulting from the use of their phone while driving will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result from such actions.

Device Security and Data Privacy

Employees in possession of mobile devices subject to this policy are expected to protect the equipment from loss, damage or theft. In order to prevent unauthorized access, all devices must employ a screen lock. This may include a PIN code, fingerprint or other lock mechanism natively supported by the device. The device may only be unlocked by the assigned user.

Users are expected to exercise extreme caution when installing applications on mobile devices. Apps may only be installed using the official Google Play or Apple iTunes stores. 'Rooting', 'Jailbreaking', 'Sideloading' or otherwise compromising factory security controls on mobile devices subject to this policy is strictly forbidden. Users must never knowingly install applications that are harmful or violate NYIT Privacy policies.

Upon resignation or termination of employment, or at any time on request, the employee may be asked to produce the phone for return or inspection.

Employees are strictly prohibited from using any mobile phone or similar device as an unauthorized media storage device for the storage or transportation of NYIT business information.

NYIT retains the right to monitor employees for excessive or inappropriate use of their mobile phones. Employees may face disciplinary action up to and including termination for inappropriate use of the mobile phone, including conduct resulting in a security breach, violation of acceptable use policy, or causing an accident due to the reckless use of their phone.

NYIT retains the right to remotely wipe any mobile device for which it has a technical capability to do so, for any purpose that it deems necessary to maintain data security and integrity.


Eligible individuals requiring a cellular mobile device must complete the request form found on the Service Central website. Each request must be approved by the individual's immediate supervisor, authorized approver of the department budget, and the division Vice President. The completed request should be forwarded to servicecentral@nyit.edu for processing.

The Information Technology Telecommunications Office provides each approved individual with a wireless mobile device package and a service plan. The package may consist of, but not be limited to, the mobile device, charger, and other accessories provided by the manufacturer.

All charges for the mobile device shall be the responsibility of the User Department. These charges include, but are not limited to, initial purchase charges for the device, service initiation charges, monthly service plan charges, usage and/or overage charges, maintenance and repair charges, and replacement charges for lost or stolen equipment.

If the user requests a premium mobile device not currently offered on the approved device list, a personal check made out to NYIT in the full amount of the device must be delivered to the Information Technology Telecommunications Office. User is personally responsible for repair and/or replacement charges if a user-owned premium device is lost, stolen or damaged.

On an annual basis, the Information Technology Telecommunications Office will transfer funds from the designated Department Account to the Telecommunications budget. Department account managers will be sent a summary of transfers for proper recordkeeping. If needed, subsequent transfers will occur in the same fiscal year to cover overages, repairs or replacements.

Roles and Responsibilities

Information Technology Telecommunications Office Management of the NYIT mobile device program and administration of the provisions of this policy
Supervising Managers and Vice Presidents Determines user eligibility and budget approval