Fitness Center Policies and Procedures

New York Institute of Technology provides recreational, social, and educational enrichment opportunities through quality programs and services, including a fitness center located on the Long Island campus. The fitness center is accessible to all students, faculty, and staff on Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Expectations while using the Fitness Center:

  • Students, faculty, and staff should check in at the desk located in the fitness center and will be required to complete a short, mandatory orientation by fitness center staff.
  • We are working with Strive Well-Being, Inc. to implement a check-in system through the EZ Facilities platform. This system will require anyone using the fitness center to check in ahead of time and select a desired workout time. This system will promote continuity and ease of participation while hindering the possibility of over-saturation of use. This system will be reviewed during the mandatory orientation. Please note: check-ins are required by New York State.
  • COVID protocols shall be adhered to at all times while using the fitness center if you are not vaccinated:
    • If you are not vaccinated then a Physical distancing of 6 feet and face coverings are required.
  • All: Equipment must be wiped down before and after use with disinfecting wipes that will be provided.
  • Capacity limits will be managed and enforced by the staff.

We are happy to partner with Strive Well-Being, Inc., an industry thought leader in the health, fitness, and wellness management space, on current fitness center operations.