Graduate Student Travel Grant Guidelines


The NYIT Graduate Student Travel Grant was established to assist Department of Teacher Education graduate students attending and presenting at professional conferences pertaining to their field of study. Our goal is to support students' academic growth and development by providing this opportunity to network with colleagues and disseminate professional work.

Eligibility Requirement to Apply for Grant

Grants are only available for graduate students currently enrolled in a master's program of study. The grant is only available to those who will present at the conferences.

The Procedure to Apply for Student Travel Grant

  1. Send the Grant Request Application to your advisor and your program chair at least 30 days before the conference.
  2. The dean and the program chairs will review the application and make the decision. They will contact the advisor to ensure the student is making satisfactory progress in his/her graduate program.

Reimbursable Expenses

The student travel grant only reimburses your expenses for the following conference-related support: registration fees, lodging, and transportation.


  • Students presenting in conferences held in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut: up to $150 (up to two students in each program, including MSIT, School Counseling, and Teacher Education)
  • Students presenting in conferences in areas other than the above three states (domestic only): up to $450 (up to one student per program, including MSIT, School Counseling, Teacher Education)

If your funding request is approved:

  1. You must register for the conference in the academic year the grant is awarded.
  2. Attend the conference and save all original and itemized receipts. The original paid receipts must be submitted with your request for reimbursement in order for it to be processed.
  3. Fill out the Check Request Form and submit it along with all the receipts (small receipts must be taped to an 8×11 piece of paper). Submit your package to:
    Assistant to the Dean, Staci Kirschner
    Northern Blvd. – Wisser Library, Room 325
    Old Westbury NY 11568
  4. After you presented at the conference, send your presentation information, along with a picture of yourself, to Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu Your presentation will be shared with the Department of Teacher Education community through the NYIT website and our Facebook page.