Full-Time Faculty Office Hours

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Each faculty member is required to schedule office hours in addition to his/her classroom hours. Full-time faculty must schedule a minimum of one office hour per week per 3 credit course taught. Office hours must be posted on the faculty member's office door, filed with the Office of the Executive Director/Campus Dean, and listed on course outlines. Office hours should be scheduled after consultation with the Assistant Dean and at times convenient for students. Part-time faculty may schedule their office hours just before or after their classes.

Office hours provide students with opportunities to meet with faculty for tutoring, academic counseling, course-related discussions, friendly conversations, and advisement. These activities need not be limited to office hours, but may also usefully occur before or after class, online, over the phone, or even on the way to the parking lot or cafeteria. The college encourages faculty to interact with students as frequently as possible.