Emergency Closings: U.S. Employees

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In the event of severe weather or a large-scale emergency situation, New York Tech may decide to cancel classes, close the campuses, or delay the day's opening. Please be sure to sign up for New York Tech Alerts at nyit.edu/alerts to receive text and/or voice alerts on your mobile device. In addition, there are several resources where you can find more information:

  • University Information Number: 516.686.1010
  • Home page: nyit.edu
  • Broadcast Media for New York Campuses: News 12 Long Island; WALK-FM 97.5; WBAB-FM 102.3; WKJY-FM 98.3; WCBS-AM 880; WHLI-AM 1100; WINS-AM 1010
  • Broadcast Media for Jonesboro Campus: 104.9, 107.9, and 106.3; or visit kait8.com for local weather or access the KAIT weather app
  • My Radar Pro app

If the university closes prior to the start of the workday, you are not expected to report for work. Employees in specific departments, including facilities staff, may be designated to report even if a campus is closed. If the university does not close, you are expected to report to work as scheduled. If conditions exist that prevent you from reporting, you may use vacation or personal time for your absence.