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The NYITCOM Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging was established in 2022 and is housed within the New York Tech Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The office is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the New York Tech community feel recognized, welcomed, and valued.

Our Mission

Recognizing that diversity is our strength, our mission is to use data to drive decisions and actions that will monitor progress, establish accountability, continually improve, and achieve tangible goals and objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a strong and diverse community where we celebrate differences, ideas, and individuals, advocate for access and acceptance with a welcoming and meaningful sense of belonging, and a safe atmosphere of growth, respect, and community—where all can reach their full potential.

The Office of DEIB is committed to supporting and promoting diversity for the entire New York Tech community. New York Tech does not discriminate in admissions, access to, operation of, treatment or employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, ethnicity, disability, age, marital status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other legally protected status. In addition, the entire New York Tech community is also protected from sex-based discrimination (regardless of gender, gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation), sexual misconduct, and sexual harassment, which includes dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and "quid pro quo" harassment (a favor for a favor).

Should you have questions or concerns related to discrimination, Title IX, equitable practices, etc, you can reach our office at DEI@nyit.edu.

Our Goals

  • Community Partnerships: We seek to foster strong partnerships with community organizations that trust our institution.
  • Pre-College Outreach and Access: We will build and strengthen relationships with local educational partners (focus on underserved communities).
  • Retention and Student Success: We will facilitate equitable opportunities for students from underserved/minoritized backgrounds.
  • Inform: We will inform the New York Tech campus about the importance of DEIB and its role in the overall university strategic plan.
  • Culture and Climate: We will help create safe spaces to promote campus community, nurture campus spaces that reflect an ever-evolving world, and promote a learning environment to encourage self-examination with a DEIB lens.

Our Programs/Initiatives

  • Annual Diversity Conference: this conference moves participants through deeper conversations on topics related to DEIB, focusing on tools for everyday DEIB implementation.
  • DEIB Training: The office hosts multiple training sessions throughout the year for faculty, staff, and students to discuss DEIB topics related to race/ethnicity, ability status, gender, nationality, socioeconomic status, and more.
  • Courageous Conversation Series: We will facilitate equitable opportunities for students from underserved/minoritized backgrounds.
  • Strategic Planning: The office assists with strategic planning for departments/areas who want to enhance DEIB practices
  • DEI Research: The office staff engage in regular DEIB research that assists with enhancing knowledge, programs, and equity at New York Tech. The office staff also advise students on research projects related to DEIB.
  • Student Mentoring: The office staff mentor several student groups within the New York Tech community, assisting with programming, fundraising and other initiatives.
  • DEIB Cultural Programs: The office sponsors and/or collaborates with other areas and student groups on events that bring about cultural awareness.
  • Safe Zone Initiative: This initiative focuses on training and programs related to LGBTQ+ advocacy.
  • DEIB Ambassadors: This program is for students who want to advocate for DEIB by assisting the office with programs, student feedback and launching DEIB initiatives.

Contact us at DEI@nyit.edu