Policy on Demonstrations and Rallies

New York Institute of Technology believes that members or groups within the New York Tech community have the right to express their views on a particular issue or cause. Since one of the missions of the university is the search for truth, demonstrations and rallies have a legitimate place. Demonstration and rallies, however, should not interfere with the operation of the institution. New York Tech has an obligation to protect the safety and welfare of its students, faculty, and staff, and to insure that its academic mission is not compromised. Therefore, demonstrations and rallies must be nonviolent and considerate of the rights of all members of the New York Tech community. New York Tech has implemented the following procedures to insure that these goals are realized.


  1. Members of the New York Tech community (students, faculty, and staff) must seek advance approval to use university property and/or facilities for staging a demonstration or rally. Requests for approval should be made in writing ten (10) days in advance, absent extenuating circumstances, and must include the purpose of the demonstration or rally, the proposed date and location, the expected number of attendees, and the identity of any speakers from outside the New York Tech community.
  2. Student requests must be submitted to the Dean of Students, faculty requests to the Provost, and staff requests to the Executive Director, Human Resources. Those officials will consult with the appropriate senior administrators and offices at the university, including Facilities and Strategic Communications.
  3. The university will, at its discretion, provide a written approval for the demonstration or rally, specifying the time and location as well as any other restrictions. Other than any approved outside speakers, participants at the demonstration/rally will be limited to members of the university community. Because the safety of our community is the highest priority, the university reserves the right to decline approval or place restrictions on the approval when the university believes there is a credible safety threat to our community. This includes restricting certain activities when the university believes there is a genuine threat of harassment to a particular group of individuals, and/or that the event has the potential to create an unmanageable safety concern, taking into account the university's limited staffing capacities. The university also has the right to decline approval or cancel any event if it appears that New York Tech policies will be violated. The university has an obligation to ensure that all members of our community can participate in their academic pursuits without fear for their safety.
  4. Once approval is granted for a demonstration/rally, individuals organizing the event are responsible for insuring that it is conducted in a responsible manner.
  5. In order to preserve an atmosphere in which a free exchange of ideas may flourish, it is necessary that standards of behavior be maintained to ensure the safety of all members of the New York Tech community and the unimpeded operation of the institution. Hence, the university reserves the right to take steps to address inappropriate conduct or violation of New York Tech policies.
  6. The date, location and any restrictions for the demonstration/rally will be clearly defined in the written approval. Participants of a demonstration/rally may not in any event block access to or exit from university facilities or hinder the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The volume of noise must be contained so as not to prevent members of the university community from carrying on their normal activities. Participants must disperse by the end of the approved time.
  7. New York Tech reserves the right to notify the local police in advance of a demonstration/rally. The police may be on call to prevent any infraction of local laws.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the above guidelines and procedures may lead to the cancellation of any demonstration/rally.

Students, faculty or staff who fail to comply with this policy or who act to impair, interfere with, or obstruct the orderly conduct, processes, and functions of the university may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including suspension, expulsion or termination.