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In 1990, in the interest of promoting school safety, Congress passed the Student Right-To-Know or Campus Security Act. The result of this act was that law enforcement records of crime committed on campus were now made available to the campus community. In 1998, the Campus Security Act was changed to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. By Oct. 1 of each year, New York Tech publishes an annual campus security report for each campus. These reports contain:

  • Crime statistics for the three most recent years concerning the occurrence on campus; and
  • A statement of current policies regarding:
    1. Reporting criminal actions or other emergencies on campus;
    2. Security of and access to campus facilities;
    3. Campus law enforcement;
    4. Types of programs available for drug and alcohol abuse and sexual assault;
    5. Procedures to follow when a sex offense occurs;
    6. The possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.

Students may request a paper copy of the security report from the security office at each respective campus or locate the statistics online at