Compensation/Classification of Employment: U.S. Employees

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For purposes of compensation administration, NYIT classifies its employees as follows:

  • Full-time regular employees work on a full-time basis of continuing duration. Work hours vary by department, with some having a 35-hour week and some a 40-hour week. Such employees may be "exempt" or "non-exempt" as defined below.
  • Part-time regular employees work on a part-time basis of continuing duration. Part-time regular employees are not eligible for health benefits, pension, vacation, or holiday pay, except as may be legally required. Such employees may be "exempt" or "non-exempt" as defined below.
  • Temporary and contract employees are engaged to work full-time or part-time on NYIT's payroll with the understanding that their employment will be terminated on completion of a specific assignment or project. Individuals hired from temporary employment agencies for specific assignments or projects are employees of the respective agency and not of NYIT.
  • "Non-exempt" employees are employees who are required to be paid overtime, in accordance with applicable wage and hour laws. "Exempt" employees are employees who meet certain tests as to salary and their job functions and responsibilities and are not required to be paid overtime, in accordance with applicable wage and hour laws.

You will be informed of your initial employment classification and of your status as an exempt or non-exempt employee at the time of your hire. If you change positions during your employment as a result of a promotion, transfer, or otherwise, you will be informed of any changes in your status.

This handbook does not guarantee employment for any specific duration. In the absence of a written contract signed by an authorized representative of NYIT—and subject to the provisions of any applicable collective bargaining agreement—each NYIT employee is employed on an "at-will" basis, meaning that either you or NYIT may terminate your employment relationship at any time for any or no reason.