Appointment, Contract, and Reappointment

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Full-time faculty appointments are made by the President or his designee, in consultation with the New York-based Academic Dean for the relevant program and the Executive Director/Campus Dean. Full-time faculty at a global campus may be offered renewable contract(s), depending on the needs of the programs. The first year of the first contract is probationary. Part-time faculty members are offered contracts for one term at a time, depending on the needs of the programs, in consultation with the local Assistant Dean of the program and with approval from the Academic Dean. Both full-time and part-time contracts may be renewed. Locally contracted part-time faculty may not subcontract performance of the teaching or other services included in the contract. Upon their arrival on campus, the Office of the Executive Director/Campus Dean organizes an orientation program for new full and part time faculty that covers items such as the American higher education system, NYIT, and life in the host country.


Requests for hiring faculty are directed to the respective Academic Deans in New York. A Recruitment Authorization form must then be completed and approved prior to any hiring activity taking place. This form may be used to request the creation of a new position or to request that a position that has been vacated as a result of resignation or termination is re-filled. The Office of Academic Affairs generates the Recruitment Authorization form. The Office of Human Resources is able to assist in the completion if the form. The form requires the signature approval of various administrators who are responsible for reviewing the form for completeness and accuracy. The form is not valid until all required approval reviews have been conducted. The Payroll Office requires that a completely approved Recruitment Authorization accompany the paperwork required to place a new employee on the NYIT's payroll.

Every effort is made to ensure that all applicants receive fair consideration for employment. NYIT seeks to make every effort to recruit in such a manner that all persons will have an equal opportunity to be considered and appointed, regardless of race, sex, age, color, national origin, religion, or handicap. To meet these requirements, women and minorities should be included on search committees. In addition, substantive criteria (job description and qualifications) for the position should be established prior to recruitment. In all cases, standards and hiring criteria should be accessible to all employees and applicants. (Please, also see the Policies and Procedures Manual, D-3.8).