Absence and Attendance: Global Faculty

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Except for religious reasons or illness, faculty members may not shorten, lengthen, cancel, add, or reschedule classes. A faculty member who finds it unavoidable to be absent for any reason must make alternative arrangements for the class and must immediately notify both the Executive Director/Campus Dean's office as well as the relevant assistant dean. It is also essential that the faculty member's classes be informed by the assistant dean, after consultation with the Executive Director/Campus Dean's office, of any changes in the class arrangements. Full-time faculty members are required to be available for academic assignments for four (4) days per week over a time period running from one week before the first day of the Fall term through commencement in the following calendar year, unless permitted otherwise by the Executive Director/Campus Dean. In addition, faculty must be available for the last four consecutive weekdays before the first day of the spring term. Faculty who teach on weekend days as part of their base loads may include those days as a part of their commitment. Except during periods of scheduled recess in the academic calendar, a full-time faculty member shall not accept any position that would make him/her unavailable for on-campus service. A full-time faculty member has a primary and uncompromising obligation to NYIT. Outside professional activities, whether gainful or not, cannot be allowed to interfere with one's teaching, scholarly research and other duties in his/her department at the Institute. In addition, the advising period is announced by the Office of the Executive Director/Campus Dean. (See Nanjing Campus Amendments to Faculty Handbook)