Chosen for different purposes and administered on regular cycles, surveys provide high-level information on the self-reported attitudes and behaviors of stakeholders across all segments of the university and results inform strategic planning and resource allocation. In addition, disaggregated results for individual schools are made available to help inform development of action plans by schools and administrative units.

Surveys include:

Graduating Student Surveys

The annual Graduating Student Survey (GSS) provides data on student employment, income, further schooling, and retrospective information about their experiences at New York Institute of Technology. Repeated every year since 1996, longitudinal data are available for further analysis.

National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (administered every three years, in rotation with the Noel-Levitz survey) provides benchmarked information about student participation in activities that support learning. It was administered for the first time at New York Tech in the spring of 2008 in an effort to increase information from and about students for the purpose of institutional planning.

Student Satisfaction Inventory (Noel-Levitz)

Student Satisfaction Inventory – Noel-Levitz (every third academic year, in rotation with the NSSE) provides benchmarked information about the importance students place on a variety of services and their satisfaction with those services. It was administered for the first time at New York Tech in fall 2005 (combined with data from Graduating Student Surveys).