Student Profile: Vasishth Indradeo Rajcoomar

M.S., Energy Management
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
Student Profile: Vasishth Indradeo Rajcoomar

A Bright Future Ahead

Vasishth Rajcoomar, a Fulbright Scholar studying energy management, says that New York Tech chose him. “It was my dream to come and live in New York one day…luckily, New York Tech had exactly the degree I wanted.” After getting his undergraduate degree in chemical and renewable energy engineering at the University of Mauritius, he moved to Long Island to attend New York Tech. “Everyone has been very welcoming here. Since I am a master’s student, I don’t spend a lot of time on campus, but it has been very welcoming,” says Rajcoomar.

In addition to his work as a student, Rajcoomar is part of the BEAR (Be Engaged and Roar) into Leadership program, which aims to help students develop leadership skills and engage with their communities. Rajcoomar says this is the most exciting thing he’s been a part of since coming to New York Tech. “I look forward to it because we get to meet different students and different majors,” he says. “We have insightful discussions that help us develop our leadership qualities, and for me, it is an opportunity to meet new people, develop my skills, and grow.”

Rajcoomar wants to encourage other New York Tech students not to be afraid to ask for help. “Most people at New York Tech are very helpful and make a genuine effort to help students succeed,” he says. Amy Bravo, senior director of Career Success and Experiential Education, has helped him get his bearings on the Long Island campus. He also says that John Eff, adjunct assistant professor of energy management in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, has believed in him and actively encouraged him in his school work as well as his career.

After graduation, Rajcoomar plans to work in the energy sector, and his master’s from New York Tech is crucial in helping him get there. “I would love to be able to conduct energy audits and help companies become more efficient in terms of energy. Sustainability is essential for the continuous progress of both society and people,” he says. “I really looked forward to experiencing an international education, and New York Tech gave me a direction in my career path and confidence in approaching challenges. Coming from Mauritius, which is a tiny island, this community has boosted me to aspire for more and to keep progression constant.”