Student Profile: Bhavi Doshi

M.B.A. – Business Analytics
Year Expected to Graduate
New York City
Mumbai, India
Student Profile: Bhavi Doshi

Psychology, Analytics, and Outer Space

Bhavi Doshi is a Master of Business Administration – Business Analytics major at New York Tech, but her journey to New York City and the School of Management started with a quest for wellness.

“I was 13 years old and had to undergo chemotherapy. That’s when I realized the importance of mental health and began my journey with psychology,” says Doshi, who has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology and industrial/organizational psychology, respectively, from universities in her home country, India.

As part of her graduate-level studies, Doshi interned at Aditya Birla Chemicals in India and participated in numerous analytics projects there—a thrill for her, as she had taken a deep liking to analytics-related classes, specifically human resource analytics, while pursuing her master’s degree.

As it became time for her to enter the job market, she realized she was missing something critical for success: knowledge of data analytics tools and an in-depth study of business functions. Doshi then decided to travel overseas to earn an M.B.A.

“New York Tech’s M.B.A. – business analytics program was the only one that offered a STEM course and a class related to human resources. That was a very important criterion for me,” says Doshi of her choice to attend New York Tech as an international student. “This degree is enabling me to expand my skill set to include analytical tools like Tableau, Python, and SQL while simultaneously giving me the know-how to use each of them in different business functions.”

Furthering her understanding of the field is an internship she has taken on this summer at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Working with the Human Capital Analytics team, she is responsible for supporting leadership with various analytics projects. Right now, she is working on diversity reports for the last year, creating weekly and monthly reports for other teams within the human resources department, and creating security models to provide data access to different levels of management.

Doshi says this internship experience has only deepened her interest and passion for analytics—especially people analytics-based projects. She has already received an offer to continue her position with the Port Authority in the fall semester.

A self-proclaimed “huge space nerd,” Doshi’s ultimate career aspirations include working on a people analytics team with a space organization like NASA, SpaceX, or Blue Origin. She also mentions creating her own consultancy business to help other organizations with analysis and insights for their employees.

As traveling across the globe to pursue academic interests can be daunting, Doshi suggests to students cautiously looking to do the same to just go for it. “It is the experience of a lifetime and a journey of not only advancing your career goals but also advancing your own personal growth,” she says. “Analytics is a very interesting and growing field. For those coming from a psychology background as I have, we already possess a strong foundation of research and analytics.”