New York Tech students at the SAC


Ready, Set, Dodgeball!

October 26, 2022

“Ready, set, dodgeball!” said Alex Rothstein, instructor of the exercise science program, to kick off the Exercise Science Club’s dodgeball tournament on October 21 at the SAC.

Rothstein organized this event to bring the best out of students physically. “Recently, a lot of students only come here to study. Therefore, I’m aiming to increase physical involvement.” Rothstein said. “Through events, such as this one, we are hoping to reinvigorate on-campus life a lot more.”

Forty-five students participated in the tournament. Once the referees blew the whistle, it was game on: Classmates would turn into rivals, with dodgeballs flying all around the court left.

Carmine Fuschetto, a physical therapy student, said, “these events are very special, especially during the pandemic where it practically separated us all. It’s nice to have the students here. It gives us the opportunity to enjoy school outside of school.” Ali Obeidat, who is also majoring in physical therapy, said that he enjoyed this event as well because it allowed him “to be together with our friends, our family, doing our best to support the community, and, most importantly, to have fun with the gang.”

Kristen Green, an exercise science student, said she hadn’t participated in anything like this during her time at New York Tech, but she is glad she attended. “The camaraderie of this group is what I really enjoy most from these events,” she said.

The Exercise Science Club is hosting its next event, the Strongest Bear competition, on December 6, at 12:30 p.m. at the Student Center and Fitness Center. The weightlifting event will include bench, squat, and deadlift exercises. Learn more and register.

And as for who came out as champions at the dodgeball tournament, the 1-Rep Maximum team won in an undefeated run.

Team members:

  • Aseer Amin (physical therapy)
  • Rafal Charkiewicz (physical therapy)
  • Matthew Kelapire (physical therapy)
  • Matthew Langan (physical therapy)
  • Ali Obeidat (physical therapy)
  • Andrew Pereira (physical therapy)
  • Keith Weinberg (physical therapy)
  • Kyle Lynam (physical therapy)