New York Tech students Christina Yialias and Carolyn Trivigno


New Club Shares Students’ Love for Exercise

September 28, 2021

Pictured: Pictured from left: Christina Yialias and Carolyn Trivigno.

The new Exercise Science Club offers exercise science students the opportunity to advance their understanding of the human body and the skills necessary to help others improve their health, fitness, and performance.

Alex Rothstein, M.S., coordinator and instructor of the exercise science program, worked with the Office of Student Life to launch the new club, which is based on the Long Island campus.

The Box sat down with Christina Yialias and Carolyn Trivigno, the club’s president and vice president, respectively, to learn about their experiences in the degree program and the club’s exciting plans for the school year.

What sparked your interest and passion for exercise science?
Carolyn: During my first semester at New York Tech, I was studying health sciences, but I became interested in exercise science when Alex Rothstein came into one of my classes. He introduced the program to my class, and after his presentation, I thought that it sounded much more interesting and exciting. After class that day, I decided to reach out to Alex to find out more about the program. Then, in the Spring 2021 semester, I switched my major to exercise science.

Christina: Since high school, I have wanted to be a physical therapist. I really enjoyed working in a positive mindset to reach a goal they have of getting better. I felt that the exercise science program could help me achieve that goal.


Carolyn Trivigno and Alex Rothstein measure VO2 max. The VO2 max test is typically performed on a treadmill or bike and analyzes a person’s expired air to determine the maximal amount of oxygen that can be consumed during exercise.

What’s a common misconception that people may have about exercise?
Christina: I think a lot of people see exercise as a way to change their appearance and feel better about the way they look. Personally, exercise is a way for me to live a healthy lifestyle and feel stronger in my own body.

Tell us about the New York Tech Exercise Science club.
Carolyn: The club was created to help spread knowledge that people can apply to their everyday lives and give students from different fields of study an opportunity to explore and learn about their interest in exercise science.

Christina: I think this club is just a fun and different way for students to learn about exercise science. We imagine the club will have members that are not only in the exercise science program but students of all majors. We want this to be an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.

What was the process to create this club?
Carolyn: Creating this club was both fun and challenging for me. I have never been in a club before, so helping to create one was a little challenging. I did not know how to contribute to the group or what our goals were at the beginning.

Christina: Two other members of the club’s e-board have been extremely helpful in the process because they gained experience from another club. We were all able to come together and help each other throughout the process. Our first task was deciding on a name for the club and assigning roles to each board member. We planned out events as well as what we want for this club and for the students that become members. We’re all very interested in exercise science, so I think it’s made the process easier because we’re all passionate and very excited about what the club has to offer.


Christina Yialias and Alex Rothstein analyze leg muscle performance. This test is often used for pre-emptive injury screening, rehabilitation, and determining an athlete’s readiness for return to exercise and play.

In your opinion, how will the club benefit not just its members but also the larger New York Tech community?
Christina: There are a lot of students who are aren’t studying exercise science but are interested in it. Those are the types of people that I think can benefit from this club. It gives these students the opportunity to learn more without committing to it as a career. They [also] get a similar experience as exercise science students have by getting to see and use the equipment New York Tech has as well as gain more knowledge about the topic.

What is your favorite part about being a student in the exercise science program?
Carolyn: My first year at New York Tech was completely virtual due to the Coronavirus, so I have not had the opportunity to experience what being a college student in this program is like just yet. But, so far, I think my favorite part about being in this program is being able to learn about topics that interest me and that I feel I can apply to everyday life. I believe that I can use the information I have learned in my first semester in the program to help myself and others live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Christina: Ever since joining the exercise science program, I have learned so much that will help me in the future. I appreciate the professors I have had and will continue to have. They all come from different aspects of the field and help to prepare us for what we can expect in the future, as well as teach us everything we need to know about exercise science.

What are your plans after you graduate?
Carolyn: I am not sure what path I would like to take after graduation, but I am thinking about personal/athletic training and nutrition. No matter which path I choose, I hope to use what I learned throughout my years at New York Tech to help others live a happy and healthy lifestyle in a way that works best for them.

Christina: My plan is to become a physical therapist. The exercise science program has shown me that there are so many careers in this field. I’m still exploring my options and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

If you two were to have a push-up contest, who would win?
Carolyn: If Christina and I had a push-up contest, I would say that Christina would win. I am awful at push-ups!

Christina: After a lot of discussions, we decided I would win that contest. I don’t know how well I would do, but Carolyn basically gave me that win.

This interview has been edited and condensed.