News Brief: Google Recruiters Visit NYIT


News Brief: Google Recruiters Visit NYIT

March 13, 2019

Pictured from left: Google representatives Kaylene Daughdrill, Peggy Saavedra, and Alexandra White.

On March 7, three representatives from Google visited NYIT in search of technical writers.

NYIT Career Services introduced the recruiters to undergraduate and graduate students with excellent academic records in majors such as communication arts, engineering, and user experience design. The “Googlers” also met students earning a minor in technical and professional communication or a certificate in technical writing.

Alexandra White, who led the presentation, clarified that writing well is just a starting place for a prospective technical writer. Google expects its employees to be risk-takers and innovators. “We want people who want to solve the world’s big problems,” said White. She added, “We want people to take really big risks. We are more than just okay with failing; we expect some failures.”

For an audience of approximately two dozen students, the recruiters explained what technical writers do, what skills they need, and how they advance in their careers (or transition into other tech careers). Most important, the recruiters gave detailed information about how to apply for a job or an internship at Google.

Lizzie Belnap, a senior majoring in English, said, “Aside from the writing, which many people don’t enjoy, skills like asking questions, taking risks, working independently, etc., would be good in almost any career. Overall, it was good to hear from professionals working in this field to get a sense of what they’re looking for.”


Recruiters met with approximately two dozen NYIT students at NYIT Career Services in New York City.