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News Brief: Kirk Shares Research via The Conversation

November 26, 2018

Colleen Kirk, D.P.S., assistant professor of marketing in NYIT School of Management, published an article in The Conversation US, a non-profit media organization through which university professors share their expertise with a wide, non-specialist audience. Kirk’s piece, “Why do Black Friday shoppers throw punches over bargains? A marketing expert explains ‘psychological ownership,’” describes Kirk’s research into the negative effects when consumers feel ownership of something which is then claimed by someone else.

The five studies Kirk carried out with colleagues at University of Wisconsin and Clemson University confirm that “we really don’t like it when others show signs of ownership of something we feel is ‘ours,’ particularly if we believe they should know of our prior claim. Furthermore, we might retaliate when given a chance.”

Through syndication, Kirk’s article also appeared in Salon, SFGate, Philly Voice, Public Radio International, Houston Chronicle, and more than a dozen other publications.