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This program is offered in partnership with the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP)™. The CTP® examination is based on globally recognized standards of practice, concepts and theories in treasury management. The new 2020 format is fully digital and has an interactive platform that contains study material, evaluations, sample questions and customized tracking. The New York Institute of Technology class also includes soft cover The Essentials of Treasury Management Version 6 and is instructor-led. To summarize, by attending New York Tech’s CTP AFP Exam Prep Platform you will receive:

  1. Online platform includes: 20 hours of instructor-led videos, 20 chapters of digital reading material, case studies, knowledge checks in quiz format and timed practice questions.
  2. Also included is the book The Essentials of Treasury Management Version 6.
  3. Most important— This class is instructor-led. Our instructor has been highly successful to help students maintain organization and keep focused toward passing the exam.

This class includes six parts:

  • Part One: Introduction to Treasury Management
  • Part Two: The Treasury Management Environment
  • Part Three: Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Part Four: Working Capital Management
  • Part Five: Risk Management
  • Part Six: Financial Management

Course content reflects the general body of knowledge tested by AFP examinations. AFP recommends using the AFP sponsored Exam Prep Platform as a tool to study of the AFP body of knowledge, although no course of study can guarantee or ensure an individual’s success on the AFP certification exams.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Treasury Management from AFP and earn 3.6 CEU credits.

CTP Exam

The CTP exam, made up of 170 questions, is based on the concepts and experiences basic to cash/treasury management. For eligibility requirements and registration information for the exam, go to the AFP Web site. Refer to the 2020-2022 CTP Test Specifications PDF for more information on the test specifications.

AFP has set up a guide to find strategies and test taking tips to help you prepare for the CTP exam. Sample questions, with answer keys, are included in the preparation guide.

Why should you earn the CTP credential?

  1. Higher salaries: Earn up to 16% more than your non-certified peers.
  2. Increased job security: Validate your competency in liquidity, capital, and risk management functions.
  3. Greater career flexibility: Prepare for greater on-the-job responsibilities.

Career Advancement

Per the 2019 AFP Compensation Survey:

While there are several organizational factors that help determine financial professionals' salaries (industry, size, revenue, location), additional factors also play roles in career advancement. The results of the 2019 AFP Compensation Survey suggest it is worth a financial professional's investment to earn a professional certification or higher degree, since holding those certifications or degrees tends to lead to higher incomes and upward mobility. Additionally, many financial professionals lack some of the non-analytical, but still highly desired, business skills. They may want to seek the support of their organizations' senior management and Human Resource leaders for training and mentorship in these competencies which will benefit both themselves and their organizations and competencies.

According to 2019 AFP Compensation Survey various factors influence a financial professional's potential for promotion. The most-often cited criterion for upward mobility is increased job responsibility (cited by 86 percent of respondents). Other factors impacting career advancement include:

  • Contribution to profitability (cited by 69 percent of respondents)
  • Earning an MBA or other advanced degree (36 percent)
  • Earning a professional certification such as AFP's Certified Treasury Professional® (CTP) or Certified Cash Manager (CCM) (24 percent)
  • Earning a CPA license (24 percent)

For further information, please refer to the 2019 AFP Compensation Survey.


The AFP CTP Exam Prep® includes The Essentials of Treasury Management Version 6 and online digital platform. Please take a free demo of these materials. These tools are augmented by the expertise of an experienced instructor. The classroom environment allows for interaction with your peers and the instructor, and provides structure to keep you on track to meet your goals.

* If you are an AFP member or New York Tech alumni, please select the class section that has an "S" in it, in order to receive your discount.

Schedule of Classes

Fall 2021

Location: Remote through Zoom
Dates: Saturdays
Time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Cost: Before January 20, 2021, $1,400 for AFP members and New York Tech alumni and $1,500 for all others

After January 20, 2021, $1,450 for AFP members and New York Tech alumni and $1,550 for all others.

The AFP CTP Exam Prep® includes The Essentials of Treasury Management Version 6 and online digital platform.

Instructor Information

Folarin Ojo, Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), is a Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager in the Mid-Corporate division of HSBC Bank. He has over 15+ years experience helping commercial clients optimize their capital resources and effectively manage risk. Prior to HSBC, Folarin worked as a Senior Portfolio Advisor with Merrill Lynch, Commercial Specialist with Bank of America, and Relationship Manager with JP Morgan Chase. Folarin received his MBA degree in Finance from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He holds a Series 79 investment banking license. He is also a Certified Treasury Professional, Certified Financial Planner, and Chartered Financial Consultant. Folarin has been teaching the Treasury class in person on Saturdays and will be teaching through Zoom this fall.

For additional information, please call 516.686.7722 or email

CTP Exam Deadlines

To register for the CTP exam go to

For June 1, 2020 – July 31, 2020 Testing Window

  • Early Application Deadline:
    March 20, 2020
  • Final Application Deadline:
    April 24, 2020