Media Coverage

The Wall Street Journal Publishes Mruk Op-Ed

Sep 30, 2015

While the architecture profession has taken steps to reduce licensure requirements, it hasn’t been enough, according to Frank J. Mruk III, associate dean at NYIT’s School of Architecture and Design. In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), he writes that “training in architecture desperately needs an overhaul.” As a solution, he offers this advice: “The drain on young talent, coupled with a building comeback, is an opportunity to redesign the profession, and revisiting the qualification process would be a good place to start.”


Newsday Features NYITCOM's Dr. Gaberiel Bever's Turtle Research

Sep 26, 2015

"There has been a lack of transitional fossils," says NYITCOM anatomy professor and paleontologist Gaberiel Bever in a Newsday article (subscription required) about his new discoveries about the origin of turtles. "Finding the early, early turtles has been the Holy Grail." Bever’s four-year study, published in Nature, concludes that turtles are more like lizards, crocodiles and snakes than scientists previously thought.


WSJ Interviews NYITCOM's Dr. Bennett Futterman on the Papal Hand Gesture

Sep 25, 2015

Ulnar nerve damage, possibly brought on by leprosy, is the likely cause of the original papal hand gesture, says Bennett Futterman in a Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) about his research into the familiar papal hand position. Futterman’s study was published in the journal Clinical Anatomy.


NYIT Cyber: Panelists Discuss Physical Cybersecurity

Sep 25, 2015

The security of critical infrastructure, organizations and individuals can often get physical, a group of experts at NYIT’s 6th Annual Cybersecurity Conference in Manhattan. During the early afternoon session, and as reported in SC Magazine, panelists chatted about the idea of an individual – such as a vendor – bringing an untrusted computer into a trusted environment.


Sep 21, 2015

Many college students are ill-prepared for the professional world and they don’t even realize it, note NYIT Career Services Dean John Hyde and Assistant Dean Amy Bravo in an op-ed in They note that career service programs have a role to play in prepping students for life after college. “Administrators should focus on increasing the number of internships available, expanding the variety of participating employers, and allowing students to accrue credit from all manner of part-time professional opportunities," they say in the op-ed, adding that at NYIT, “we provide extensive professional development opportunities. And the skills our students acquire translate into real job opportunities.”


Innovate LI: DARPA, Homeland Security to Headline NYIT Cybersecurity Conference

Sep 05, 2015

Distinguished speakers and critical intelligence issues will set the tone at NYIT’s sixth-annual cybersecurity conference, according to an article in Innovate LI. Nada Marie Anid, dean of NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, says the event is “more of a forum than a purely academic-research conference.” Anid further notes that “Government officials, businesses, and students, can listen to the latest trends and pick up new ideas, tools and approaches … from leading experts in the field.”


Reuters Reports on NYITCOM Research on Turtles

Sep 02, 2015

"Turtles have been missing their Archaeopteryx, their missing link to the rest of the vertebrate tree, since Darwin told us that we should be looking for one," says NYITCOM anatomy professor and paleontologist Gaberiel Bever in a Reuters article about his Nature publication on the evolutionary origin of turtles.


LIBN: NYIT Among LI Colleges Building New Tech-Savvy Facilities

Jul 21, 2015

Recently, several Long Island colleges, including NYIT, finished construction on major projects, all focusing on upgrading their students’ technology. According to an article in Long Island Business News (subscription required), educators are optimistic about their new capabilities.“Among those is Nada Marie Anid, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences at NYIT. With its new business accelerator and collaborative work spaces, Anid hopes to get students involved on the projects of incoming companies. ‘That’s the idea,’ she said. ‘Creating a space where the industry is engaged.’”


Newsday: NYIT Gets Cybersecurity Center

Jul 01, 2015

Nassau County will be home to a cybersecurity research center that will prepare college students for careers and produce inventions that can be turned into products, county officials tell Newsday (subscription required).

NYIT chief of staff Peter C. Kinney III said the school wants the National Security Agency to designate the local facility as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense. "We already have a relationship with the NSA, and we hope eventually to do research that is classified," he says. "Our faculty and students will be doing research for the federal government, IBM, Cisco and other companies." NYIT's School of Engineering and Computing Sciences dean, Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., says that the research center will complement the work of the school's Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center, located on NYIT's Old Westbury campus.



Dean Chute: "My Patient, Your Patient, Our Patient" in Huffington Post Op-Ed

Jun 24, 2015

“Team-based and patient-centered care approaches are critical as we face physician shortages in certain areas along with greater numbers of patients who have increased access to healthcare from the Affordable Care Act,” writes School of Health Professions Dean Patricia Chute in a Huffington Post op-ed on interprofessional education. “Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals must work together -- and training in teamwork must start early in their education.”