Media Coverage

NYIT Cybersecurity Expert Offers Advice on WNBC-TV

Dec 29, 2015

When consumers sell personal devices online, including smart phones and tables, beware, lest they become attractive to hackers. One crucial step is to be sure to log devices out of the cloud.

“Even if you think you have fully erased a piece of information from a phone or other device, sometimes small pieces can be left behind," Jonathan Voris, assistant professor of computer science at NYIT, tells viewers of WNBC-TV.  "The same technology that makes it easier for us to access it could potentially make it easier for someone else to access it as well," he adds.


Concussion Services at NYIT Center for Sports Medicine Highlighted in Newsday

Dec 18, 2015

“All of this is just incredible,” said former Islander Bob Nystrom to Newsday (subcription required), referring to NYIT’s new Center for Sports Medicine. Nystrom was a special guest at the center’s open house in December. The center offers concussion services and therapies, as well as wellness and fitness guidance for student-athletes and the general public.


Fios1News Features NYIT Center for Sports Medicine

Dec 17, 2015

“Our focus is concussions and wellness,” Dr. Hallie Zwibel of NYIT Center for Sports Medicine tells Fios1News at the center’s open house. “We do education and baseline testing to prevent concussions from recurring.”


Newsday: NYIT's College of Osteopathic Medicine to Open New Site

Dec 11, 2015

“There’s no question now that NYIT is a major force in medical education in the United States,” NYIT President Edward Guiliano tells Newsday in an article announcing a new location at Arkansas State University for NYIT’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. NYITCOM at Arkansas State University will open in August 2016 with an inaugural class of 115 students.


Dr. Jerry Balentine on the Business of Medicine

Dec 01, 2015

Aware that medicine is moving away from fee for service towards accountable care, NYIT Vice President for Medical Affairs and Global Health Dr. Jerry Balentine says future doctors need to understand the business aspects of medicine, including leadership, information technology, and health policy. Balentine is featured in a two-part podcast on Health Thought Leaders One-to-One.


NYIT Architecture, Engineering, and Fine Arts Students Appear on WABC-TV

Nov 30, 2015

NYIT students, faculty, and staff collaborate with CityArts and Lincoln Square Business Improvement District and 3-D printing company MakerBot to create ornaments based on the theme of world peace.  NYIT’s College of Arts and Sciences Art Media technical director Matt Cornelius and student Stephen Soldano talk to WABC-TV's Lauren Glassberg about their 3D printed ornaments for Winter's Eve and the Lincoln Square Tree-lighting.


Newsday Features NYIT International Student Ambassador in Video

Nov 16, 2015

“It’s been the best decision of my life to come to America,” international student ambassador Vikrant Sood tells Newsday in a video accompanying a story (subscription required) about the rise of international students at Long Island colleges and universities. Sood helps new NYIT students get adjusted and comfortable living here to life – from how to buy a phone and what courses to choose.


President Guiliano at Lessons from New York Can Help China

Oct 22, 2015

Taking lessons from the history of New York City, China can design its emerging megacities to avoid some foreseeable infrastructure problems, President Edward Guiliano, Ph.D., told Chinese media on the occasion of NYIT's and Peking University’s jointly sponsored conference on sustainable megacities.

Noting that prevention is better than cure, President Guiliano gave examples from the past 50 years, including flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy, to show why Chinese cities should plan for increasing demands on resources, including extreme events. Research presented at the conference by NYIT faculty members and other world-class scholars showed how to combine careful planning with new technologies to create more livable, efficient cities for the future.


China Higher Ed Features NYIT's Academic Partnership with CUC

Oct 20, 2015

NYIT has launched new academic programs in Beijing with Communication University of China (CUC). China Higher Ed shared the news with its English-medium audience of educators and investors with interests in China.


BBC Arabic Reports on New, Self-Guided Walker

Oct 15, 2015

Patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease can stay on their feet better with help from a self-guided walker, according to NYIT faculty members Ely Rabin (College of Osteopathic Medicine) and Ziqian (Cecilia) Dong (School of Engineering and Computing Sciences). These two researchers explained and demonstrated a new walker they have developed in a seven-minute segment on BBC Arabic’s 4 Tech, an Arabic-medium television program.