Tuition Exchange Program

New York Institute of Technology is a member of the Tuition Exchange (TE) program consisting of over 700 schools in the United States. This program provides a reciprocal scholarship opportunity for dependent children to receive baccalaureate scholarships for up to four years at a participating member institution.

A list of member institutions is available on the Tuition Exchange Program website.

Guidelines For New York Tech Employees

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Eligibility: All regular, U.S.-based full-time employees who have completed at least two years of continuous full-time service at New York Tech prior to September 1st of the initial scholarship year.

Dependent children: Dependent children are those persons who meet the IRS guidelines for dependent status. (Proof of dependent status may be required.)

Applicant: The dependent child of an eligible employee who has applied for full-time baccalaureate degree programs at a college or university that participates in the TE program.

TE Scholarship: A tuition scholarship for up to four years (eight semesters) of full-time baccalaureate degree study, provided the dependent child maintains continuing eligibility. Room, board, and fees are not included. The value of the TE scholarship is full tuition (one-half tuition for non-residents at state schools), provided that schools with tuitions over the annual set rate (currently $42,000), may opt to cap the grant at the annual set rate. TE funds also may include federal and state grant dollars, any institutional scholarships, and merit or need-based institutional grants.

Continuing Eligibility: Continuing eligibility requires the employee to remain a full-time employee of New York Tech. Recertification is approved by the importing institution on an annual basis.


Each fall, an email notification will be sent to all full-time employees with a link to the Tuition Exchange application. The application must be submitted by the established deadline (usually mid-October). The Office of Human Resources will verify eligibility and inform the employee that the application has been received and will be considered:

  • If the number of applicants is equal to or less than the number of TE scholarships available, all applicants will be given the opportunity to apply to member institutions.
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the number of TE scholarships and a selection must be made, employees with seven or more years of continuous full-time service will automatically be eligible for a scholarship. Employees with between two years and seven years of service will be entered into a lottery drawing for the remaining scholarships. All employees who are eligible for the lottery will receive an email invitation to the lottery drawing.
  • Once the above process is completed and the recipients of the scholarships are identified, the Office of Human Resources will approve the EZ application and send it to the importing school(s) selected by your dependent child on the EZ application. Applicants also have the ability to review the status of their application.
  • Please note that the scholarship must be approved by the accepting institution for this program, and the standard admissions process completed.
    • Applicants should check program details and determine any requirements and exclusions at the schools where they plan to apply. Applicants should also check the TE website and contact those institutions' Tuition Exchange Liaison Officers (TELOs).
    • Applicants are responsible for maintaining contact with these other schools and for being aware of their deadlines, application processes, scholarship criteria, etc.

New York Tech reserves the right to modify or amend these guidelines at any time. New York Tech also reserves the right to terminate its participation in the Tuition Exchange program.

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Guidelines for Applicants from Member Institutions

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Tuition Exchange Program Guidelines for Prospective Students from Member Institutions

Who is eligible to apply for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship (TES) to attend New York Institute of Technology?

You are eligible to apply for a TES if you are an eligible dependent of an employee at a Tuition Exchange (TE) institution (referred to as the home institution) and the home institution certifies your eligibility for TE consideration. The TE Liaison Officer (TELO) at the home institution must electronically submit the TE Certification form to New York Tech.

What is the application process?

At least 12 months before you plan to utilize the TE scholarship program, contact your TE Liaison Officer at your home institution for details on the process (i.e. applications, forms, etc.) and deadlines.

If you apply to New York Tech, the TE Liaison Officer at New York Tech will notify you and your home Liaison Officer of the award decision. If you are accepted for admission at New York Tech but haven't been notified regarding a TE scholarship decision, contact your Admissions Counselor.

When do I apply for admission and TES?

You should apply to New York Tech for admission simultaneously with applying for a Tuition Exchange scholarship. For information on admissions deadlines, visit

When will I know if I am awarded a TES?

Notification of acceptance into New York Tech’s TE Program will be on or about April 1. All selected participants are required to respond to the Tuition Exchange Award in writing within fifteen days of notification of acceptance. Failure to respond within fifteen days will result in forfeiture of TES. Those candidates not accepted into the TE Program will be placed on a TE Waiting List and will be notified if any openings become available.

Do I have to apply for financial aid?

You must apply for federal, state, and institutional financial aid at the same time you file your admission application.

What is the value of a TE Scholarship?

The TE scholarship is the lesser of tuition rates at New York Tech or the annual set rate determined by Tuition Exchange less any federal and/or state grant dollars and/or institutional scholarships. Room, board, health insurance, and fees are not included in TES.

What is the duration of the TE Scholarship?

The TE scholarship will cover four years (eight consecutive semesters) or up to graduation, whichever comes first. Host institutions have the right to terminate TE scholarships if the student does not meet the institution’s standards of academic performance or personal conduct. Refer to the New York Tech college catalog for specific information regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and the New York Tech student handbook regarding the code of conduct.

If you are not in attendance at New York Tech for longer than one semester, you will lose the TES and will need to reapply and re-compete to receive any future TES funding. If you decide to transfer to another TE member school, you will need to start over with the application process and there is no guarantee that you will receive a TE scholarship at the new school. You must also promptly notify the Liaison Officers at the host institution, New York Tech, and your home institution if you chose to transfer or withdraw from New York Tech.

Are there any special conditions attached to a TES?

TES at New York Tech can only be applied to full-time undergraduate coursework, and excludes all graduate or doctoral programs. TES also cannot be received for the undergraduate portion of combined undergraduate/graduate programs, such as the BS/DO or BS/DPT programs, or other such programs. Tuition Exchange also does not cover any program in the NYIT School of Health Professions except the B.S. in Health Science and the B.S. in Health & Wellness.

TE import applicants must meet New York Tech’s admission requirements and application deadlines to receive the TES. For information on admissions requirements and deadlines, visit

Where can I get more information about TE?

Contact the TE Liaison Officer at your home institution or visit for general information. If you have any additional questions about the program that were not addressed in the guidelines, you may contact the Benefits Office at If you have questions regarding financial aid programs at New York Tech, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Other Helpful Resources

Contact the TE Liaison Officer at your home institution or visit for general information. If you have any additional questions about the program that were not addressed in the guidelines, you may contact the Benefits Office, at or if you have questions regarding financial aid programs at New York Tech, contact the Office of Financial Aid.