Abstract background with the text: From big data and simulation to artificial intelligence


From Big Data and Simulation to Artificial Intelligence

February 8, 2024
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

16 W. 61st St., 11th Floor Auditorium and Online
New York, NY

The lecture will focus on certain chapters of the Book: "Digital Signifiers in an Architecture of Information: From Big Data and Simulation to Artificial Intelligence," Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Routledge, London 2023. The book chapters to be discussed are based on the relationship between Big Data and simulation to activate Artificial Intelligence.

This book proposes a new critical relationship between computation and architecture, developing a history and theory of representation in architecture to understand and unleash potential means to open up creativity in the field.

Computation has established new representational paradigms that can be compared to spatial representations, such as the revolution of perspective in the Renaissance. Architects now use software, robotics, and fabrication tools with some understanding in how these tools influence, revolutionize, and determine both architecture and its construction today. This book critically explores the relationship between history, theory, and cultural criticism.

The book positions new understandings through parallel historical sections and theories of many revolutionary representational architecture canons displaced by conventional spatial projection. He identifies the architects, artists, mathematicians, and philosophers that were able to revolutionize their disciplines through the development of new technologies, new systems of representation, and new lenses to understand reality. This book frames the discussion by addressing new means to understand and expand architecture authorship in relation to the survey, information, representation, higher dimensional space, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence – in the pursuit of activating an architecture of information.

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Introduction and Moderation

Maria R. Perbellini

Dean of the New York Tech School of Architecture and Design

Tom Verebes

Professor, New York Tech School of Architecture and Design

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa


Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa

Associate Professor, New York Tech School of Architecture & Design

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Ph.,D., is a tenured associate professor, director of the AI Lab and first director of the Master of Science in Architecture, Computational Technologies program in the School of Architecture and Design. He is an international architect and scholar in the fields of architecture, urbanism, ecology, and computation. His work innovates in information-based representation and construction systems through materials, robotics and digital fabrication.

He received his Doctor in Architecture from UIC Barcelona, his M.Arch II at Princeton University (with full scholarship) and his architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires, where he completed studies for his second master's degree and a post-graduate seminar at the Superior School of Fine Arts de la Carcova.

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