Future of Design

New AI tools allow for design experimentation but also raise questions regarding new forms of agency and knowledge transfer in design. Intelligence is not only embedded in the computational tools one uses to design and make, but also in matter itself. Embedded smart systems in products and environments facilitate communication and enhance interactions, making matter responsive to individual needs. Questions of control and privacy arise that future designers must tackle. In addition, the urgent matter of climate change forces designers and scholars to rethink materials, manufacturing, and production processes. SoAD AY 23-24 lectures reflect on current and future challenges in design practices and research, question existing models, imagine desired modes of creation, and highlight the social responsibility of the designers of the future.

The Lecture Series is hosted by Dean Maria Perbellini and organized by the SoAD Lectures and Events Committee. For questions or additional information, contact archevents@nyit.edu.

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